Several Killed, Dozens Injured in Kansas Shootings

An employee at Excel Industries opened fire at the business Thursday, Harvey County sheriff said.
6:55 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for Several Killed, Dozens Injured in Kansas Shootings
Yes you have a hard time here. That's right now he helped a little bit of what I don't think I had out over the edge and countless. They. We read a report of the Mac computer inside the excel industries. We have numerous people shot inside the building we have a number of people killed. Inside the building I don't have an exact cat will you right now. The shooter himself. Has been shot and is deceased. He helped a little bit about it very well versed Ian how many people. Might be injured how many dead when my handgun at him and half that number but give it back. We're anywhere from twenty to thirty injured and had been shot and anywhere throw him. Towards the seven that could have been killed including the. Any information about it here who he might have seen what that might get any help a little bit about. Right now all we know we have whose name which were holding back. He's less than employees world. Had been an employee with excel. I don't know if he got fired from still lurking there that that information I don't know right now we are working on some other things that we we have. We do know about them. Just again the investigations just crash. He tell you here. It was an enforcement officer. And won't glittering how about the woman who lives I can't get hurt it hurt that. That he thought he okay. The fans I know right now actually. You're not okay if you've been shot but she's still alive and when code red which is a critical. And then eventually currently thinking in the wake finding out more about it heaters. Are we going to talent trying to. He a little bit about what happened. Well right now the excel has been shut down when we led a team with fifteen KBI agents. Coming in Bethlehem. FBI agents coming in the FBI agents are going to start doing the background on all the shooters so I will have a good history of them the fifteen KBI agents will be willing excel and working at its alleged crime scene. We're gonna start to try to identify people because six there are family members that are desperate that we want to know how. There remember loosen. At this time I would try and get all the names those that were injured when it happened to have been transported to various hospitals. We moved to get those lists. So we can give information out to the family. And once again activists. Earlier. Talk thirteen million part of our Huntley hued Keating wanting heartening hanging I don't expected that he helped me. This little girl connected he was traveling and shooting for this car. Is there anything else that you like and about the impact it I think I don't know might. Out here. We'll be out here and there will be that will include tomorrow. I will give you another updated around 9 o'clock. Hopefully we'll have more information election provided to you at that time. And other than that we. The American. People I completely clear out there at securing you know what I'm. I'm Tony he nearly ended at fair lady and I am looking pretty good you have it you know what the article. The way and every protocol is going to be Heather Schroder and even though you issues. You know you've got to do secondary search. Make sure there's nobody else until that that took place that has found that's the complete never gonna ever excess and threatened to leave the crime scene investigation. Leading them team can be rather. Even those who have member Helen. And then all of the room had hit and play on the efforts to take care of this constant. And I don't think dimension you got anything tomorrow probably in the coming days. Yeah and then he can put you might get back on it I was you people looking at talent like yeah. And with excelled. These people have brought Nextel we'll get more information from them. And that's what happened when I leave here. And Carolina right now and the next year and another in the East Anglia. Maybe. Burnett. We'd like to slip through you have read definite number OK we're looking red storm's victims would like to have that I don't know that I have now. Although little games. I don't know that I would like to loosen the road but we need those names to go out to the families. We're gonna try to meet. That the high school with family members. Just Pat Tillman and assure them but you do have been. Yeah. Let me back vacationing. In turn and it it. I'll. Obviously you can't judge. Don't charge them. We want to history one of their loved what. Didn't list what triggered yeah I didn't do it what does that those kind of things we need to know the history if you. And then we have to check the yeah we'll. We'll. I have and he's very. There has been let me. That I. Well you know we just had a meeting. Last week about active shooting. And what we should do when when it happens here and here we are. I've always said that everybody thinks it can't happen here but it's in those places where it can't happen that it happens. So it is it has happened here so when you. Any place that thinks it can't happen here. You've got to wake because it can happen here. Yeah. Yeah I think it's great time had me. I'm looking out. The. Well looking up Assange is difficult what we trained for is what happens in the event and that's the training we're going through and have gone through. We can't prevent. These kind of things but we can only come management. Investigated. They had. I appreciate. Your time and thinking how much for talking with children. It.

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{"id":37208560,"title":"Several Killed, Dozens Injured in Kansas Shootings","duration":"6:55","description":"An employee at Excel Industries opened fire at the business Thursday, Harvey County sheriff said.","url":"/US/video/killed-dozens-injured-kansas-shootings-37208560","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}