Kobe Bryant, daughter among 9 dead in helicopter crash

Bryant's 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, died alongside her father, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.
3:00 | 01/26/20

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Transcript for Kobe Bryant, daughter among 9 dead in helicopter crash
This is an ABC news special report. Tom comments. A good evening and we are coming back on the air with new details in the tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant. ABC news confirming the five time NBA champion for Los Angeles Lakers was among five people killed when a helicopter crashed and caught fire in Southern California. A forty to Los Angeles county are holding a news conference now let's go to that. Good afternoon and it is to Crosby and on the fire chief of the Los Angeles county part of our lives. When a thank you for coming here to the days. Briefing of the willow incident. Today shortly before 10 o'clock. 9:47. AM the loss this county fire department. We see tonight we'll want to call. Of a potential helicopters. Down in a brushfire. At that intersection of Los Burgess Rhodes. And willow Glen street in this city Calabasas and unimportant but it Lawson discounted. Upon arrival. Farmers discovered approximately. A quarter acre brushfire that resulted from a crouched on the health of the hill slides. The lawsuit is Johnny Florida apartment. Initial response was fifteen pieces of apparatus. If 56 personally know very consistent paramedics. And zinc company. Every rescue. Truck company car and crews and aircraft and its chief officer. To oversee the incidence. Upon arrival ability incidents upon arrival of the sheriff's department. Articulate respective departments editing the unified command to handle this incidence. Com are far audits and seeing them indicated that there was debris field and steep terrain. With a quarter acre brushfire. It was a kind of declining. Are far far as hiked in to the accident site with the medical equipment. And hose lines to. Extinguished the stubborn fire as it included thick brush fire. Debris from helicopters. In the far also included magnesium. Was very are far far partisan Eckstein is because. Magnesium. Reacts with oxygen. And water. In addition to our Arafat has hiked into the incidents we had one helicopter. Flying to the incident was firefighter paramedics onboard. Both paramedics were boys sit down to the incident. Bullied into the incidents. Alone they did a search of the area four survivors. Unfortunately. All those survivors unborn were determined to have been perished. Firefighters and hand crews worked fixing as the firewall. Carefully for Bruce preserving. Good incident for investigation. Apparently this does listens to on going. I would like to turn this over to. My share to continue to press briefing. Thank you chief Crosby. Personnel from also shares isn't responded to the scene of the crash site. And assisted the fire department and we've established. Containment area and now. Our earth aero bureau has a handle on traffic or aircraft accidents however when there's a fatality. That is switches to the national transportation safety bureau the NTSB in the Federal Aviation Administration the FAA. 58 is already on scene and assisting. We're waiting the arrival of the corners. Office to assist in the recovery of the remains. As the chief indicated there were no survivors. We have a Mathis indicates there was nine people on board the aircraft. The pilotless eight individuals. There is the white speculation as who their identities are however it is being entirely inappropriate right now to identify anyone by name. Until the corner has made the identification through their very deliberate profits they've Mays made notifications to next of kin. And be extremely disrespectful. Understand that your love one of us perished and you learn about it from TMC. That is just. Wholly inappropriate so we're not going to be going there we're gonna wait to the court does her job. And we're assisting the families of those who believe there have been impacted in this this this a tough process. Our pro goes out to all of the members they were on board all the Sally. Very room was on board this aircraft and gov lesser souls. So it at this point time we have nothing that we can add up until. The corner does her job and will be making those notification is what we have that information. And we know the next of kin have been notified then we can release information publicly he'll be notified in subsequent announcements. Here are clearly analysts think an inadvertent and we finally usually nine bodies leader of the city that is that is our belief yes. So we realize that this might there are so many questions as. There's a lot of information out there and again we understand. You know we there's a lot of information that's floating but we certainly have a responsibility. An obligation to respect of course the feeling is is this is very difficult time. And for assault in the city. The mayor OK we've just been listening to this news conference there in Los Angeles county on the helicopter crash that involved Kobe Bryant. We've just learned that there were nine people onboard according to manifest authorities do believe nine people perished. The pilot was eight other people. Again this is the breaking news a we've been following. All data sad news that Kobe Bryant. Has died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles county Calabasas is the city. I wanna go right now to Mac governor chief national correspondent who's been on the scene from the get go Matt. A town you may still be able to see that smoldering wreckage up on a hillside or give you an indication. But how steep it is and how difficult the well as for firefighters to get their originally we just heard from LA county fire that they actually see. Helicopters lowered somebody down from a helicopter tried its. Get to that degree what they found apparently. Where nine bodies nine people on the manifest. Eight passengers including one pilot now from other sources. We've confirmed obviously the Kobe Bryant was on that claimed the NBA reporting that his daughter was also. On that helicopter as well now earlier I reported that it was believed that. Four of CoBiz children were on that flight that isn't correct unfortunately this is a horrible tragedy and one of his daughters was on the helicopter at the time Tom. Obviously there's still working this investigation the NTSB is coming the F phase already on scene other corner is going to make the final determination of who exactly was on his car that plane but again I apologize. For those remarks earlier. About CoBiz. Family on that helicopter one of his daughters apparently was on the helicopter according to the NBA. Again this is a tragedy that is hitting all of Southern California we saw people sitting here. Crying people wrapped in Kobe Bryant I'm towels and jurors he's just. Really hurt that this has happened to this communing of course it is for basketball America as well very hard hitting the impact here Tom. Vickie no doubt is rocking people all over the country a horrible tragedy is right. Matt thank you for that I want to go to a moment now to show you what Kobe Bryant net. To the people of Los Angeles this was at the Staples Center earlier today. Yeah. And again at Staples Center their fans chanting think you Coby we will have complete coverage not on world news coming up live updates on abcnews.com and join us later tonight for a special presentation. Kobe Bryant death of a legend on ABC at 10 o'clock we thank you for joining us when I return or scheduled program. This has been a special. For me.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Bryant's 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, died alongside her father, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"68549021","title":"Kobe Bryant, daughter among 9 dead in helicopter crash ","url":"/US/video/kobe-bryant-daughter-dead-helicopter-crash-68549021"}