Larry Nassar's former Michigan State boss charged

Larry Nassar's former boss at Michigan State was arrested Monday night.
1:34 | 03/27/18

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Transcript for Larry Nassar's former Michigan State boss charged
Williams trampled in court today. Starring the former boss of convicted sexual abuser or Larry Nasser had been charged on multiple counts of sexual misconduct. Counts three and four. Apply to leave supervision. Or quite frankly his lack of supervision. Of Larry Nasser. But today's charges also accused trample himself of having a history of assault and harassment. Against female students. Strip were used his office to harass and discriminate. The mean sexually proposition and sexually assault female students. Among the allegations the complaint claims a computer firms triples MSU office contained fifteen nude and semi nude photos but prosecutors believe our female students at -- CU. The affidavit detailed accusations from multiple women one alleges trampled grabbed her rape but on during a school element later telling her. Hold your entire future in my hands and can do what ever I want with it nearly every woman testifying against Nasser. Also brought up the name Williams trample. There are spots Andy Williams trampled was to send an email to Larry acting and tell him quote good luck. I am on your staff and when my video testimony to the Indy star came out go graphically describing. He appears that we are perpetrated to strip afforded that video testimony to the rescue programs and he mocked its. He called it the cherry on cake his day if convicted trample faces up to five years in prison and accurately ABC news New York.

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{"id":54052333,"title":"Larry Nassar's former Michigan State boss charged","duration":"1:34","description":"Larry Nassar's former boss at Michigan State was arrested Monday night.","url":"/US/video/larry-nassars-michigan-state-boss-charged-54052333","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}