Suspects Named in Las Vegas Shooting

Jerad and Amanda Miller allegedly killed three people, including two police officers.
21:43 | 06/09/14

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Transcript for Suspects Named in Las Vegas Shooting
This is a special room. But what I'm -- Cutler in New York a bizarre and bloody Rampage in Las Vegas when it was over five people including two police officers were dead. Police are about to announce the names of the two suspects husband and wife. We are learning more about them as pleased about have a press conference in Las Vegas now we want to take you there live. Where more details about the horrific -- over the weekend claimed ultimately five lives. Las Vegas police department set up to microphone. For the latest. On that. Good afternoon everyone. Those you don't know me -- Douglas -- Clark -- -- Las Vegas metropolitan -- part. I -- prepared comments. And then I'm going to introduce two members of my executive staff. That we'll all beat you on the incident itself. As -- suspect information. And then after -- three of us have spoken. We will then answer any questions that you may have. It is now been 24 hours since -- two officers and citizens were murdered. The families of the officers are dealing with the loss of their loved ones. And our police department families trying to cope with their -- as well. I can't thank the Las Vegas community enough for the kind words and support over the last 24 hours. I also want to extend -- thank you to our Brothers and sisters in law enforcement. Four -- receive personal calls text messages and emails. From law enforcement Brothers and sisters across this great country. To my agency. I'm proud of your focus over the past 24 hours. From the initial response to our patrol officers call for help -- CC's pizza. As well as your response to a Wal-Mart. Has been was extraordinary. He showed no here. Entering a building -- shots were being fired. To your Brothers. Had already been shot. Use your training and good sense and develop a plan that forced -- two suspects. Into a situation. Were there only avenue. Was to take their own lives. Did not get caught up in the moment. You relied on of the leadership. And sound police tactics. I applaud you. Once the situation was contained in this there's no longer -- -- our investigative personnel began -- work. Dynamic. In -- scenes were processed and examined. Three skill and efficiency. I also want to -- -- first responders to see. Las Vegas fire rescue Clark County fire. AMR Nevada Highway Patrol. To those paramedics. Even -- both of my officers did not make it I know you worked hard to give them a chance. To UNC. In the trauma center. -- bless -- -- watch you work so hard on my two man who we all know the wounds. Were too severe. To the family mr. Joseph Wilcox. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department -- extend our deepest heartfelt condolences. -- who died attempting to protect others this -- is completely senseless. -- -- all of you here as well as many people far away. Have many questions. I would now ask this is sure Kevin -- hill home to the podium. -- will speak to the investigation. The identity of the suspects. And what we have -- regards to the event itself. Once he's finished this -- -- Joseph Lombardo will address. Where we go from here. And about how our patrol officers will what operating moving forward. As I stated before. Wednesday -- completed their remarks to answer questions. They share. But there's gonna give you the name real quick so -- you that can't carry this story to be very simple freedom all along here. Think most of you already know that the -- officers involved. The first quarter the officer Igor so although he's 31 years of -- Hired movement through 2006. Second officers doubt that he's 41 years of age he was -- here that -- 2001. The two suspects you'll see on the to my left here the first -- is -- -- Miller. He's 31 years of age the second is his wife Amanda Miller she is 22 years of age. These citizen. Victim in this case mr. Joseph Wilcox. Is 31 years age. So -- the events moved forward at about 1142 hours yesterday. Officer's -- -- and that were inside of the species pizza. Taking their lunch break. At that time mr. -- Miller entered into the restaurant. Looked around briefly and immediately exited the restaurant. He then went back out and -- with his wife Amanda. In both of them re entered the store after leading several of the items it they carried with them being backpacks. Outside of the store. They walked out our officers who were. -- look at one of the -- and immediately upon passing them Jerry Miller pulled a handgun out. And shot posture. -- -- one time in the back in his day. Officers felt so immediately -- -- -- injuries there was no further movement from him in the Booth. At that time -- back immediately began to react. When he was confronted with lethal gun -- From Jerry Miller. He was shot once in the throat area. What happened after that very quickly woods that Amanda Miller then removes a handgun from her purse. And both Jared and Amanda Miller fired multiple shots into. Officer to -- This entire incident that as he -- is captured on videotape we're still conducting forensic review of that video. Immediately upon. He's shooting commenced -- finishing. He. -- suspects -- the officer got the boot on the ground where they placed day. Gadsden flag which is don't tread on me yellow flag on the body of -- back. Nelson through a swastika on top -- this body. -- that point mr. -- Miller. Then pinned a note to -- -- though they basically stated that this is the beginning of the revolution. They made the same types of comments inside the restaurant. Where numerous. Restaurant patrons -- -- commentary. They then walked out of the restaurant. Gathered their backpacks. And proceeded southbound direction. They crossed Nellis. Boulevard. Over to the wal -- Entered in to the front door of the Wal-Mart store. Immediately upon entering the store. Jared Miller walked him through the front doors and fired -- -- around. And told people to get out and that this is the revolution. And that the police were on the way. Amanda Miller was trailing behind Jared Miller that we believe she was placing the backpacks into a shopping cart. At that time our citizen victim mr. Joseph Wilcox. Was located over in the area where you pay. He observed this activity. And he told his -- -- -- can't confront. The suspect. He carried a concealed weapon and he immediately. Heroically move towards the position. -- Miller. Upon completing that -- he did not realize that Amanda Miller was with Jared Miller -- -- her directly. As soon as you begin to confront your Miller put his firearm. Amanda Miller removed her firearm. -- shot him what time in the rivers area and where he immediately collapsed. Subsequent to that. That night when one called continue to come in. And the officers. Were responding to both locations. Information was put out at the scene very quickly that. Twins Jared and Amanda Miller -- -- -- -- They took the firearms from our downed officers as well all of the ammunition on their belts when they left and took that with -- As soon as they got into the the continued towards the rear of the Wal-Mart store. And our officers. Led by two -- you didn't need active shooter -- -- protocols that we train article backtrack. Decided to enter into five men elements and entering the store one team -- from the -- the other team -- from the front. They'll hold the body entry the team in the rear began contact. With the suspects. There was an exchange of gunfire. Between the officers -- the suspects. And the suspect continued toward the rear of the store near the automotive area there -- the number of times that the officers -- the suspect. Both -- first as well as exchanged gunfire. And we had an officer immediately. -- the direction of what -- -- get into the surveillance area with one of the security officers from -- And then begin to view that -- That provide updated intelligence. -- are responding officers as -- locations of the suspects. At that point he's starting to seem made a determination. That they had the officers -- the suspects contained. In the rear of the store and then they were not going to. Further advanced on the officer and they were waiting for -- to arrive. At some point during the struggle. Jared Miller. Had. Gathered items from throughout the store. And both that the suspect had laid down and sat down on the grounds at various times and position themselves -- -- that tactically. Advantageous position to engage any officer that we're approaching. He also took some of the items around there -- sort of built a defensive position around Amanda. She was seated and was suffering from apparent gunshot. -- wont point he laid out his stunning in front of Amanda. Amanda removed her -- -- handgun and fired several rounds into Jarrett where he didn't immediately. Bathroom floor -- -- -- -- that took her handgun and ended her -- life with one gunshot -- today. Swat officers responding. When immediately secured both those -- With handcuffs. At that point it was made a determination that Amanda. Was still breathing. And we took her out border to the university medical center. With the assistance of our fire professionals. That's. Very brief description of what we know at this point. Liked -- -- to -- a couple of the what we have found from the investigation as it's unfolded at this point. At this time we believe this is an isolated act. As well though were conducting hundreds of interviews. It's a very complex investigation. We're looking at social media or talking to associates were talking to. Neighbors we're trying to make a determination what it is that could have been promoted what was the motivation behind. They're targeting police officers. And and and -- it would know. No warning in executing our officers. I can tell you that there's no doubt that the suspect had -- apparent. Ideology that there along the lines of Felicia and white supremacist. U already have reporting in the media. And the Beige Book mr. -- Miller. He indicated that he was at the -- -- during the cattle. We continue to utilized investigative resources to determine -- -- fact that is true. As well though there was a convergence. But not only Malaysia. But white supremacist and sovereign citizens to the buddy rich. We continue to look at any -- activity that Jerry or Amanda Miller may have to that previous. Action. -- that there's also lot of media speculation in regards to those. Connections -- that ideology and what are the things that. We believe at this point with this with the swastika. Is that. We don't necessarily believe that they are white supremacists are associated with the Nazi movement we believe that they equate government. And law enforcement. Fascism and those who support it with not. In other words they believe that law enforcement. Is the oppressor and are associated with -- -- the -- Movement. As you well know we're working with our federal counterparts. And the suspects have previous. Residents in both Washington and Indiana. We believe they've only been here -- January of this year. Jared Miller has a criminal background where he is that convicted felon who war. Vehicle. Offenses in the state of Washington. And as you well know that in his FaceBook post that one of the reasons that he was kicked out the Monday rich. Because of his criminal history background. We do realize that the the events -- gold -- attracted significant number of anti government. Enforcement individuals. That would continue to investigate the aspect to this case that made Saturday. This would have that -- -- Lombardo come -- it provides -- some commentary at the current posture or organization. Reading education monitor this news comes to an out of Las Vegas about this shooting over the weekend and ultimately five people dead including. Husband and wife -- -- -- man -- Miller that had committed apparent suicide pact after gunning down three people. -- a monitor the details are becoming out of this a want to bring in former FBI special agent Brad Garrett to discuss some of the because that we did just learn about this as Las Vegas was gonna continue -- this. Brett what what do you make about this reference to a revolution and the Gadsden flag that was apparently used I'm on both of those officers. While the gas and flag was created. In the seventeen hundreds during the revolutionary war. And 01 of the beliefs back then was that you had thirteen colonies. They had left -- very oppressive England and had formed their own communities. In the United States. Many of these militant. Extremist groups. Believe. That now the government here is oppressive. -- and they don't recognize government paper in particular do not recognize. Law enforcement. In fact they do you -- force as the enemy. So the millers. Didn't fit that profile. That the in their -- for the idea. But killing two officers they -- -- and we don't believe in them we don't trust them they are the enemy. Now obviously. It's. Very a logical thinking. And what is going to gain -- warranted to slaughter two officers and -- go and tool mark and then kill another individual. That makes no sense of course. But in their mind. There is a justification did this because they believe they have to go to the higher ground and basically. Get rid of the existing government. Based on that and -- that we've been hearing some of the statements that swastika as were also evident from the two officers that were killed in this attack. Police though at this point are not necessarily linking them to any kind of white supremacist group -- it's still too early on -- investigation to see if this is part of a larger. Government -- anti government movement. Well my guess is stands that they probably belong to some organizations but. Every time we had some version of this type of attack which people. This mindset. They usually act on their -- they may feel almost like a -- -- basically that they aligned with this sort of extremist. Maybe white supremacists. Clearly more may the government slot -- legitimate. Somewhat like sovereign citizens is another group -- doesn't believe in the legitimacy of the government. It's so you know many people are hybrid state they they -- a number of these extremist groups and some former fashioned -- Quite possibly they don't believe they -- the society is not quote unquote -- -- more whatever that means of course. And -- that's one of the reasons they may be jumping into the white supremacist slash. A neo Nazi. -- -- Also trying to build profiles for both of those suspects Jarrett and Amanda Miller there. -- you heard a lot of the effort being put on FaceBook and and and social media is what the fun and exactly where these groups -- where these affiliations lie. With those two suspects. And I think he'll find that -- if you've noticed from the beginning of this. They didn't pretend to be anything else other than what they weren't mean to go to the it basically leaving one -- currency when it killed two law officers taking its time to person -- Take their weapons ammunition and place this -- -- on top of them. This is all about making a statement if they got killed between I suppose there and Wal-Mart in Soviet. That go to Wal-Mart and I'm still not sure how that plays into this. But. That that the idea is that debate. At clearly make whatever statement they wanna make. And they're going to tell everyone has to go along -- leave a note. So the idea that they would be all over social media with their thinking their hatred. They're bigotry whatever might be it's -- to be out their -- they Wear their emotions about this on their slate. So I suspect. When this is all said and done we'll have a lot of information about their mindset. They are associated with for potential further investigation. Didn't into the details like the flag at the swastika and the timeline of events that does that lead you to believe that perhaps this is -- -- had been planned out the long in the making not necessarily. A snap action. According to. Las Vegas newspapers who interviewed. Neighbors. That they claim that the millers had made comments about killing police officers in the middle lot. Of Gary -- -- racist extremist statements over the over the last few weeks I -- So. I think which I think -- -- going to have is. And affiliation or attachment. To groups. But probably not being directed by anybody and to -- to your question about planning. Plant in that they were gonna go -- kill a police officer. They just happen to -- unfortunately yesterday. For whatever reasons I don't think the planning was much beyond -- gonna go kill police officers. All right former FBI agent Brad Garrett joining us with -- insight Bret thank you for that appreciate your time and the effort on that. We of course we're gonna continue to monitor and live stream that news conference coming out of Las Vegas this has been an ABC news digital special report. You can follow the latest updates in real time by downloading the ABC news -- -- in the store for exclusive updates on the go. For -- -- down Cutler -- New York.

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{"id":24061683,"title":"Suspects Named in Las Vegas Shooting","duration":"21:43","description":"Jerad and Amanda Miller allegedly killed three people, including two police officers.","url":"/US/video/las-vegas-shooting-jerad-amanda-miller-named-suspects-24061683","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}