It’s Not Too Late: Climate change affecting winter tourism

Ginger Zee looks at how climate change is impacting winter tourism and what warmer winters might mean in the future.
2:46 | 12/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for It’s Not Too Late: Climate change affecting winter tourism
The East Coast getting its first major snow this season is a reminder of the punch winter can pack put in some places this was the most snow in a single storming years. As ginger zee explains that's no accident climate change. Is altering winter as we know. Hi I'm an easy and it's not too late I'm out of the basement and I'm in us now because. You heard but. We had a night. AT and in New York City at anywhere from six in Philadelphia two of 44 inches in parts of new York and Pennsylvania. Ill not just because as well as Alexi vaccine that friendship and its impact and but also because we haven't seen this type as snow and here's in some places last year alone. Boston was up almost thirty inches average. Philadelphia only had three tenths of an inch of snow New York City not even five inches so where do where some snow will also we're seeing the seasons it. And that's where this story picks up. In the northeast there are nearly 50000. People that depend on the snow and cold winter tour isn't completely lot of people and we've seen huge changes. This year alone. My son was turning time and he wants nothing more than in December 19 birthday. With skiing and snow and ice and calling around to New Jersey and New York us even parents they laugh and they said we have pets acts ultimately years and try after Christmas. I after the new year that's where they've been seen the last decade. So we wondered is this going to continue to be a problem an attack arranged it and some studies really say yes. Here are the numbers by 2040. This study says that all of the dots that you see pilot error in the southern tier of the northeast. Will not happen. Not least able winter tourism because of the shifting temperatures if we continue on its rapid rise of carbon tax cut emissions by years when he eat you see those colors shifting well in parts of Massachusetts or Connecticut. Seen the annual averaged. Cut in half. That's not something that people that work in these industries. And it hurts watts covers more than we will be in the coming weeks and extort and their hearts. And hopefully. Sledding accident adds. And injuries and it's not. Glad to get ginger out of the basement there thanks to ginger.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Ginger Zee looks at how climate change is impacting winter tourism and what warmer winters might mean in the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74792644","title":"It’s Not Too Late: Climate change affecting winter tourism","url":"/US/video/late--74792644"}