It’s not too late: Taking on takeout containers

ABC News’ Ginger Zee looks at a sustainable alternative to plastic takeout food containers.
5:45 | 01/15/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for It’s not too late: Taking on takeout containers
Covered nineteen has forced restaurants across the country to shutter their doors pitting many to take out only options but look this single use plastic containers have skyrocketed. In this week since not to later using takes look at how companies are stepping up to tackle this crisis one reusable container at a time. Yeah. Hi I'm good physique and it's not too late to having you here. I'd a lot of people thinking about New Year's new year maybe you wanna do meditation or fitness diet certainly makes it into a leather resolutions. But have not just thinking about the food that you eat but what the food comes in man. We all know with an order in more takeout and her restaurant's takeout has the and thus save here during the pandemic. However it's been really bad for the environment. And one of the things that has kept restaurants alive in the pandemic. Has been take out but it's also created an influx of waste. In the US food and its packaging make up 45%. Of land fill us in India. 245. Million food containers were tossed out in 2018 alone. And then you're more than two billion. Food product packages are put in the trash every year he. The last thing I want to do is vilify rest faster hurting the planet when they're just trying to survive during the pandemic. But we found that there's a solution where they can say look their profit. And the planet at the same time it's already happening in San Francisco Washington DC and New York. A California nonprofit called the meat being disposables has worked with hundreds of restaurants and even a school district to get rid. Of single use food container waste. Yeah our restaurant as a teacher usable they will prevent and a 1101000. Pieces of pistols I am. Managing their race. Now ranges seedings through small business is it. Between 2000 and point 1000 dollars. Annual cost savings create. We can't say oh how one works. It's just like Avery served well hugs Keeneland and uses political scene who delivers. What it. I think sometimes. Thank you there's the big difference. For its food. I'm zinni is really heavy duty containers. Men after you needed and when you do with your food and don't throw it away and take it contain as get them back to the next delivery guy and what are you gonna turn on to any restaurant that part cakes and deliver zero I got about this but I'm good and replaced is at a time place. The restaurant deeply sanitize as them. And the next deliver zero order goes out and that same container. I mean then I'm back sing really is take out products has. Skyrocketed. They're about 400 vet 414. Million pounds of Revlon disposable revenue of city goes through every year and enact everything from little forethought packet reports and I think that you can. And are probably a billion takeout containers that flow in the bargain here today. And at the end of that highlight the savings for the rest struck. GAAP net bit packaging costs them money. That's right I mean you know but keep keep take action here could be maybe 27 and Hyderabad rather pay 85 cents first thing we use. Maybe every time he's in wannabes they're saving money that it would otherwise have to spend on buying I think we've been here at least for one or in the Vatican storm. Duncan bare bones sky ice it's a tie and specialty ice cream shop in Brooklyn. Through both his locations have been part of delivers zero for just over a year. And then when Adam walked through our doors a year and a half ago like my god we can do is the solution is here. It's such a great product. You know completely sustainable and it's really starting to catch on. Whether you're normally take out or use pads and go to a lot more take down ten actually helpful profit and plan. Absolutely it's over spending less. To go. Writing using more usable. So it's a win win in that way and then of course. Let's wait. The first thing that out when I. Talked about it in the lake how likely. We have really easing in just like he was clean your vicious home. Goes through severe sanitize things right. Everything is walking Carolina. Some people even wash before they turn their. So then he walked twice. We have not had it's. Not me. Dilemma zero is only in Brooklyn and in Manhattan for now plans to open in Amsterdam San and other places hopefully but their other services and you can just ask your delivery service are you. Take out restaurant tend not include them all the waste where at least against her stomach and Natalie it's in baton and convenience and now lives not to limit. She moved.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"ABC News’ Ginger Zee looks at a sustainable alternative to plastic takeout food containers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75262149","title":"It’s not too late: Taking on takeout containers","url":"/US/video/late-taking-takeout-containers-75262149"}