The latest on Ryan's announcement, Cosby retrial and Syria

ABC News breaks down the day's biggest stories.
13:01 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for The latest on Ryan's announcement, Cosby retrial and Syria
Hey good morning I'm Arial rash at here at ABC news headquarters welcome to ABC news live a very busy morning so let's get straight to the heart of the stories we're following for you today first. They're retrial of former TV dad Bill Cosby ABC's Lindsey Davis is in the courtroom and Norris town she will have the very latest on how the defense is switching up its strategy. Also growing international outrage over the situation in Syria. ABC's James Lyman is in Beirut with what the president is saying this morning how Russia is now responding but first batch shake up on Capitol Hill. House speaker Paul Ryan announcing he will not seek re election ABC's Mary Bruce has been there for the entire announcement. Mary this is this is quite a bombshell are people surprise there on Capitol Hill. Well look it's not entirely a surprise this was expected but that timing of this certainly has caught many people off guard it was largely expected. That the house speaker would stay on in his role at least through the mid terms and in part that's because the political implications of this are so astounding look this is a huge blow to the Republican Party house speaker announcing that he will not seek re election. It comes in the middle of these critical mid term elections and it could send a message to other Republicans that. The doors open for them to do this saint remember we've already seen. A record number of Republicans as your announced they are resigning or retiring not seeking reelection as well but house speaker you're just told reporters that. He that this decision was personal but this has to do. More with his family his desire to spend time with his three young kids he says he's sick of being just a weekend dad he wants to spend more time at home. He also argued this has nothing to do with the president they of course it had a rocky relationship to it to say the least. Any says this was not motivated at all. By the fact that there is a possibility that he might not be speaker come November given the fact that Democrats could take the house. That's in the context sports if you can't it is something that happened before that speaker has announcer resignation. It it it it it's. What's rare about this is the fact that he's announcing that he's resigning but not retiring but not resigning right now don't often see that usually the speaker comes out says they're called it quits while and the call it quits and there. But for. To say that he's going to not seek reelection in November but still be in that job. For the next 67 months while that is Eileen usual of course now sparks a huge debate over who will replace it. The two front runners at the majority leader Kevin McCarthy the majority whip Steve sky at least but there's already lots of talk of who could take this position. When the speaker doesn't factly merry brits. Very busy day on Capitol Hill we appreciate it so much thank you for being with us and we're also fortunate to be joined now by ABC political analyst Rick Klein and rake. We know that you're working the phones in your office there in Washington I'm not sure app Rick actually. We have wreck. We are correct theory is you hear me Aaron it yeah I see you like I hear you and we're glad to have you with us thank you so much on this busy day I know you're working the phones there in your office talking to your sources. Could there be a ripple effect is Mary was suggesting for Republicans now as we approach the terms. No question this is going to have wide repercussions and there's a growing sense in Washington that. It Paul Wright was getting out ahead of the gathering storm that isn't going to help his colleagues being cover though. I think is a widespread assumption that this can be more retirements. And I just off the phone up for our podcast powerhouse politics with Chris Christie the former. Republican governor of New Jersey he says as of now if you're a betting man you should be putting your money down on the Democrats to retake the house so. This is a PB impact all up and down the ticket donors are worried about this and I think the unmistakable signals that Paul Ryan is worried about keeping them majority. And we heard Mary Bruce allude to this but in the house speaker at the end he said this is a deeply personal decision. And we know we know that. That might be true but also there's some rumblings that he disagreed with this president at many turns and that he's had to try to bring the president on board to his agenda. How much do you think that politics actually played and it is quote unquote personal message. Well Paul Ryan as had a varied relationship president famously he didn't endorse him for a long time after the Access Hollywood taking an Audi said he would meet and work. For the president the trump has had some not nice things. To say about him there really from different planets politically ideologically personally they are not on the same page. But truck but Paul Ryan has transformed himself into a loyal foot soldier in the trop army he's as responsible for anyone. For enacting the legislation they've been able to get done so far including the tax cut they passed the health care bill as well even though it died in the senate. So Paul Ryan is a talking about this publicly but I'll tell you talking people on Capitol Hill being in congress as a Republican these days. It's not a lot of fun when your responding to whatever it is the president. I asked to do the chaotic hectic leadership you see emanating out of the Oval Office so even if they agree on policy positions. It uses a difficult thing and to sign up to continue to do this for several more years if some is weighed on many are in a comments mind. And it had to be somewhere in Paul Ryan's mind even if right now he is not allowing any daylight between himself and the president. And we saw the president tweet out a congratulatory at tweet which. Was was very favorable to Paul Ryan act calling him a good man but how have Democrats been reacting to this news they can imagine there's a little bit of seek relation. Ya look at there's no question they they. Seen that a speaker of the house is leading it feeds into their message it helps their fund raising and help their pitch I help them directly in Janesville Wisconsin Paul Ryan's hometown it is a swing district. Very much on the map his retirement could lead to another democratic pick up there. So they feel good about the you know about this development quite quite clearly. It is a national signal that Republicans are worried about. Their ability to stay in office pass this fall all the signs are pointing toward a very big year for the Democrats and this is just the latest peace and that. And re client very big day for you and your colleagues there on Capitol Hill monitoring this interesting situation thank you so much for joining us today. Want to turn now to that the volatile situation in the Middle East Syria accused of using chemical weapons against its. Own civilians in Duma and we're joined now by James Longley in Beirut James the president firing off a tweet this morning. The president firing off between there you are. This morning talking about possible retaliation against Syria. What is Russia now say tennis. Larry Elvis tweet came in response to an IDF statement made by Russian politician and he's in contact because that this. Has become a huge. Rhetorical battle now between the 2 countries this morning the Russian ambassador to this country Lebanon. But a local television station saying that if Americans decided tunnels. As strikes on Syria and Russia would not only. Shoot I'd miss south out of the sky but they would also seek to destroy the source when they came from. Hinting perhaps even that rush it would seek out the US. USS don't total cook the destroyed sitting in the eastern Mediterranean. And perhaps other other places Latin the US would launch such an attack mean. I think we can talk about that as a hot being anti retro but nonetheless a very fiery thing to say. Donald Trump then responded as he's saying he was treating this morning he did Russia vowels to shoot down any and or miss cells follow that Syria. Get ready Russia because now becoming nice and new and smarts he shouldn't be pollen is with a gas kidding animal talking about. Bashar Assad the president Syria who kills his people and enjoys it site this is the level of rhetoric we're now seeing but whether or not it's gonna be. And I followed up with action that is what we're all waiting to hand now sitting in the region. You know the waiting game the countdown as to whether or not the Americans go through with this threat to launch at strikes. What might those airstrikes that light while calls to mind backe gave the world trump. Has already struck this country at struck Syria. We're barrels of tomahawk missiles off thrown another chemical attack just over a year ago but that was a rather small. In 'cause in if you like. And it hit one base not basement buck up and running within a few days to now the question is what rating will bolt from Dave. See you elevates his response on lost CA and now Ross suggestions perhaps he could take command and control centers inside Syria. Perhaps even the west houses. Which a fool to store some of those chemicals that's what French president monument McCall said that the French might do you announce also another thing that. Donald Trump isn't just looking to act allowing gay he hasn't baldness the UK. Bronson some palm is in the gulf site like has said barrels sitting here in the region waiting to see whether all the US is gonna pull it through. And James you are overseas usually based in London I have to ask you about the growing international where with all T strike in Syria. We saw those deadlock UN resolutions yesterday one from Russia one from the U last. Will we do you believe that we will see a cohesive strategy by allies in the region. Let it looks as though there's going to be some kind of coalition. Strung together two it kind of a full limited S strikes in Syria. That the armed what is that going to be in times of strategy like you said there is constant constant battle. Battles going on the United Nations chiefly between process and the United States. Syria is an extremely complicated conflict if you like it as a well cool thing on just within its boundaries. And the United States or anyone else to want to get involved in now is very risky business there are other act is involved that and objectives. And chiefly among them Iran which has been backing Syria since the very beginning. Iran of course now as has been on the walls states in need in having conversations about Iran's role with a it is we've nuclear DL. And what it does with the rebels to kind of forming an alliance now with other upon as in the region like Hezbollah. So this is the kind of atmosphere that America or is stumbling into if it decides to perform these these strikes site. Out of stating the structural happen and then there'll be here talking again about Walt does about Syria. Meaningful Aruba 400000 people at least have been killed in the conflicts in going seven years and are no easy ounces. Cannot forget about the victims in this conflict those civilians those port faces that we saw in those tragic videos coming out of Duma ABC's James long and thank you so much for taking time from Beirut this morning. Now heading to the retrial of TV dad Bill Cosby this is the second time around for the TV dad has been accused of sexual assault. Stemming back from allegations in 2004. ABC's Linda Davis in Norris town into Norris town Pennsylvania this morning forests and Lindsey you've been in the court. Good morning area out lots of tension and drama inside his Pennsylvania courthouse yesterday and I think it's safe to say that we can anticipate. More of the same today for the first time we heard the defense called a hundred constant. A con artist it was a powerful opening statement delivered by bill Cosby's attorney Thomas wrote this said. That kind stands former roommate Marguerite Jackson asked her directly if she had been sexually assaulted. And they constant responded no but that she could say she was in order to get money. Constant accuses Cosby of sexual assault at his Pennsylvania home back in 2004. Cousin he has maintained all along that the encounters were consensual. We also heard from the first of five additional Cosby accusers are expected to take the stand. Hiding Thomas accuses caused me of sexually assaulting her when she was a 24 year old aspiring actress she says she had one sip of wine kospi gave her. And that she became sick. The next thing sure remember she says is the comedian forcing himself on her husband has denied all of the allegations against him. This morning we're expecting the cross examination of Heidi Thomas to continue. A major change that we're seeing from the first trial to this retrial as far as the defense strategy the first they really. Attacked con stands inconsistencies. This time in addition to doing other also attacking. Her character they're describing her as greedy insulin who was desperate for money. In debt they say that she even was conducting a Ponzi scheme while she was working at temple university and they say that bill Cosby's. Was heard jackpot. Ariel. Thank you so much ABC's Lindsey Davis there very interesting strategy by the defense Bill Cosby the first celebrity celebrity to go on trial. In the meat to Aaron so we're going to be staying with Lindsey Davis throughout the day and of course on world news tonight checking back in with her that we do want to head over to Capitol Hill this is live. Footage right now at Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's founder testifying in front of congress this is day two talking about potential breaches in. Personal security of some of the users of FaceBook not just some but millions of those users and also talking about potential Russian meddling. In FaceBook activity and so Mark Zuckerberg answering some tough questions now. In front of congress thank you so much for joining us here at ABC it is likely that you'll stay with us throughout the day and tune in to world news tonight with David here.

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