Latinos pummeled by pandemic

ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports on the disproportionate toll of the pandemic on Latinos, who make up nearly half of virus deaths in California.
5:59 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Latinos pummeled by pandemic
We now head west of the state of California which seems to be turning a corner and their battle when Kobe but the sting of the virus and subsequent pain and suffering in the last few months still lingers. Ours arrange child looks at the disproportionate impact this pandemic has had on the Latino community in California. When the second big Kobe wade hit Los Angeles and really not as it was one of the helpers threatened to. He he just happened hole hard and I'm helping people. He wrote tangled with gang members and turned his life around to get back to the south Philly community through his nonprofit resilient he just decided to. Transition his life cold Turkey. Transition to husband and father of seven Stanley is everything to the Unita bases but with so many people under one small work. The raging virus caught a hold up all of them. We started to get sick one by one man as he began to get positive it was me and my son's first. We try to isolate in a separate room and then the next day the other results came in for my other two daughters and then. Never was bound third. And then she and my other daughter were last. For the most recent waves and cases amongst Latinos soaring 1000%. Latinos make up 55%. A statewide cases. And 46%. Of deaths. Those numbers are not the case in surrounding wealthier predominantly white areas and even for much of the dry north until you get closer to a place called the clean up. Yet another mostly Latino community. The doctor what percentage of your key chains are militant a community we serve about an 80% of you know population doctor. Alison combos a practicing physician in her very own community. Says chronic disease has let to many more becoming very sick when their impact didn't. One of fed. Big things that I've seen is that we. Unfortunately have higher rates of chronic diseases. Especially diabetes. Among other things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And obesity. And we know that these are some of the main risk factors that increase a person's chances of developing severe cold it's being hospitalized. And and also possibly dying. A community more than likely to get the virus but less likely to get help and often water patients are undocumented. And they are often concerned about their legal status when they seek cared. Will this affect will this be counted as a public charge for example. And they also don't qualify for some of the benefits that are allowing people to just get by. And even less likely to re vaccine benefits also patients who are afraid and concerned and have hesitation about the vaccine. There are very few in this community currently geographically close to where we there's there are only two that I know look like that is one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in the entire country need nearly one out of every five deployment residents. Has fallen ill from called me and one in about 430. People has died in the hands of. The virus we've seen about 400%. Demand in food. So because of layoffs and lost jobs lost didn't comment. You know people who never come to us food pantry before are coming tents looking for news. Can't bring us he'll men's organization CEO says they're never used to be aligned for food but in recent months it crawls around the block. It's being exactly port hours. Typically we might spend about 12130000. A year on food and supplemental food and then. Share some cards usually over a 100000. You know they can afford not to work they can barely afford. Lifeline they are working so to lose. Income. From places their family or wrists. Lara Hidalgo another many employee who also grew up nearby says it's been a struggle singer community pummeled by the pandemic. We get updated and Coleman case numbers and our communities are always the highest. It is gut wrenching because here we are on the front lines trying to prevent a lot of this. A lot of this. Happening and unfortunately it's gone out of until she fears losing pieces from an entire generation and I do sense the Pierre and I think touching on culture and it's just important for us to continue to. Uphold a lot of capital journal on of those conditions. Because we are seeing a lot of them are unlocked car. Sixteen years. Back in south Philly the fear of losing elders eventually hit very nice family ever got so sick his wife Andrea have you taken to the hospital in November. I remember giving him. Hug and a kiss. And telling him it's gonna be okay in that was the last time she held a love of her life. She watched him walk into the hospital he stepped in to so many times a floor for other chronic care. Weeks later. A seemingly routine hospital home an economy that evening that I listeners to face time for that evening and he called me let me know that my husband's heart rate is dropping the family rushed to say goodbye. But. And he missed him queen. Got their like literally five. Redefining its lady. Had passed the way are ready. Passed away at a time his community was desperately needed him the most. For its food and PP giveaways he's encouragement with gang members to turn their lives around all of that suddenly gone. I have a lot of people. When you vacillate come and tell me I'll think they need into the night. Blew the whole eastern. He always put people do you think people. Each and we were. They're dead even need to have anything they'll need similar thing. Missouri shock ABC news live Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"ABC News’ Zohreen Shah reports on the disproportionate toll of the pandemic on Latinos, who make up nearly half of virus deaths in California. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75985157","title":"Latinos pummeled by pandemic","url":"/US/video/latinos-pummeled-pandemic-75985157"}