Law enforcement threatens to crack down on people ignoring warnings to stay apart

ABC News correspondent Kaylee Hartung discusses her symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19.
3:42 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Law enforcement threatens to crack down on people ignoring warnings to stay apart
Haley joins us now so first saw Caylee how are you feeling I know the that really badly one day but any other symptoms since we last spoke. Can't Wendy since we last spoke it's been a little bit of a roller coaster there was a day. Where my congestion was back in big way it was it was hard to breathe through my nose but I don't want that to be mistaken for or respiratory. Symptoms because I really didn't have any of those this is just congestion. This morning I woke up with a sore neck and immediately was like oh my gosh is this process starting all over again. But yeah I genuinely think I dense. I did tonight as muddled around my hair strands of volatile and as in flat thereon by exactly exactly. But I really am I'm feeling better I am feeling like that backs my old self and I say it's then this point about four days. Of that sell it to good music good feeling and do you know how long it will be until you can take yourself out of isolation and beyond that how you think this experience full effect once you've officially recovered. It's a very good question Lindsey and and right now I honestly don't know the answer any experts who I asked that same question to. Don't have clear guidance on what to tell me so I actually got a call on Thursday I believe it was from an early county public health nurse. Tuesday if you are now seven days more than seven days at that point passed the onset of your symptoms you had. Had improved main in conditioning. For more than 72 hours and you haven't had a fever for more than 72 hours so. You're released from isolationist. I heard this news I couldn't believe day because initially I was told it was fourteen days from the onset of the symptoms that I needed to be in isolation. Still last year moment just sort of a deep breath a sigh of relief I said oh my goodness I Keenan believe it so what does this mean now can I go back to work. You know can I can't walk to restrict Edinburgh street store she says. Well we would like you to continue to quarantine and social distance until the pandemic is under control. So potentially weak I don't understand test. Exactly exactly and I called our doctor Jennifer Ashton and said can you help me make sense of this what does this mean. Practically and she said there are just so many unknown or write these guidelines continue to change and the only way that I will no force certain. At this point that I am no longer carry era this virus is if I get tested again which I highly unlikely and Lindsay only I. Eighty Kuwait you on the same phone call with LA county public. They say yeah actually you could get tested again but we're not offering to test deal he would need to find someone. Who could administer that tacit and I have a problem if sort of sort of. More early in all of this with asking for another tax and I are even still I which need to get one when there are so many people out there begging for them so. This when I feel honestly I think I'd feel a little bit trapped and it in some form of purgatory. But I'm I'm not interested in and and I don't see any reason to put anyone else it risks linked. In reality all of us should he should be hunkering down at home as much as we possibly can and so I'm I'm same kind of. Blair firm with a walk awhile longer that's a really interesting conundrum and and I appreciate you sharing with that that with us because I think a lot of people we just haven't gotten into that territory yet of OK at what point. Are you kind of release so. Anyway we hope that you continue to have speedy and complete recovery Kingsley and thank you so much for talking on us. Thank you Lindsey.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC News correspondent Kaylee Hartung discusses her symptoms after testing positive for COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69761269","title":"Law enforcement threatens to crack down on people ignoring warnings to stay apart","url":"/US/video/law-enforcement-threatens-crack-people-ignoring-warnings-stay-69761269"}