A leading voice on racism in America on whether protests represent tipping point

Michael Eric Dyson talks demonstrations, the death of George Floyd and where we go from here.
6:56 | 06/02/20

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Transcript for A leading voice on racism in America on whether protests represent tipping point
These protests certainly aren't the first of this nation has seen over racism in police brutality in America but they are some of the largest. And most urgent and joining us now to talk about the state of race in America today is author and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson Michael thanks so much for talking with us. He was Dave who who are great to be here. So what we're all witnessing right now is tantamount to the level of unrest when marlin the king junior was killed why do you think that this specific incident George Floyd's death. Was such a tipping point. Well oh there it black and blue appearance at that could have been me. They were easily be identifying him with her. A need on the neck is metaphor Portland even when Americans who often hand on the necks of black people. And begging for his mother. Instrument is that for black people backstroke and nervous Black America in no way he bent his unleashed. Tons of fury that'd be compressed over the years it was just a not that it was a tipping point. There's some bush people over to editors and it continues on goal. Industries of America even today. And just when I knowledge we have a little bit of break up on the line with you but this is an important conversation to have so we want to continue it. In your 2017. But the tears we cannot stop you wrote that white people should participate in marches rallies in community meanings to engage in the struggle for racial justice. And singing about in terms of the corona virus you know people are quick to say we're all in this together but when it comes to racial inequality that kind of Montrae doesn't seem to resonate in quite the same way what does it take to get people who don't see themselves as stakeholders in this movement of racial equality to put some skin in the game so to speak. Yeah slow sincerely game is exactly what we neat he. But the moment it was announced that this was a black disease that it was disproportionately affecting African American people. You saw rye is kind of white intolerance and medium pace since the idol ended up in arms and to stay arm. Obviously safe houses and oodles of this nation. Insisting that it was wrong she didn't help them back. There was no sense of partnership there was no sense of common stake holding their own sense of citizenship each of them out of many one. And what we have to understand and is that they don't seem to in regards look at damage like Colin ninety gonna see it in terms of a pandemic. Like Kobe succeed nineteen like the racial puree that is an unleashed in this country. 400 and some years ago. And so what we have to say he is that men must deal would do its racist past that continues to inspect. And upgrade its races presence. And people good the widow who were quite hear the speaker. I'm convinced there may be more people of good that we opened. But they are not as vociferous and as a loud and his vocal. It's those who repudiate the claims of civilian democracy for African American people and so when people age going in fully now sees man. On the streets but we don't need kind of allies chip where you know white foam debris in the end the swords and spoken in Black Sea earlier period of Burton. Because disproportionate concentration. On African American criminals what we need to use white people to riot at work. Doing with the CEOs company it's doing with you don't you're institutions of Americans is acting the redistribution of what are the kinds of educational. Opportunities that should occur so there are ways and who likes white lives and open up spaces and open up doors that permit African American people to flourished. Best accountancy coding will meet. If this thing and turn around. It cove in 1619. Is very clever and for those who are unaware obviously giving a nod to 401 years ago when the first slave ship came ashore to this country in an essay posted on medium today former president Barack Obama said the more specifically can make demands for. Criminal justice and police are formed the harder it will be for elected officials to just offer lip service to the cost what. Actionable demands can protesters be making of their elected officials I think give us say a top three list. It was criminal justice reform our talk about prosecutor you must be held to account. When it comes are holding the police to account. And the police and prosecutors are working together they are in bed with each other and one that is the prosecutor is fools. To holder the other that is the police person accountable. Number two we need to have community policing. We need to have. Oversight and policing as weapons to prom opening it certainly we've got to figure out on the division of labor. Police people should not be censored handle I don't know men's illegal people at the introduction when expressly when African American. We know they're trying to wait wish to. Defund certain police departments and then they can absorb the rules. Periods of social service Ben debt that are devoted. And helping you know people who were little. Can it be the lease terms or African American. The next Brothers and sisters who are. Also was being of the badge in the time and I didn't how to handle these matters be more pleased to be done those. Sleeves that begin. Just one more to it could you can I touched on this a little bit and if this started out as a George Floyd issue. That was the lighter fluid if you will but let's talk of well. What was RD smoldering beneath the surface some say for decades but I think is probably safe to say for centuries and the broader implications for this. Now because even if those three officers are arrested at this point does that stop the protest or is this now wide announced me more. Then just criminal justice but about systemic racism. Yeah so that your gloomy reading your eloquent summary there it is about the systematic insisted Gregory says. It's about structural in and while it's. The things that are deeply interest sins of the system it's so you don't have to have anybody standing over you don't have been white and ended. You know a white intending person or it is traditional races and operating. Mayors kind of deals Hanna a goals in the machine. In the Google's lunar seeing this case is bigotry and prejudice and violence toward African American people but it doesn't have to be individual. Here. Is this estimates are producing in. An Arizona let these rulings is America features since yesterday's test now is that simply about it did that or lawyer it's about the death of American democracy decency in you Maxi. It's about who quit when some black people continued to be victims. Sluggishness. Prominent American presidents and from a government that is grossly insensitive and empathetic at all. Who are quite an hour particular. Michael Eric Dyson always a pleasure to talk to you thanks so much for your time. They were always great to stinky you.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Michael Eric Dyson talks demonstrations, the death of George Floyd and where we go from here.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71010687","title":"A leading voice on racism in America on whether protests represent tipping point","url":"/US/video/leading-voice-racism-america-protests-represent-tipping-point-71010687"}