LeBron James Rejoins Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James to return to Cleveland Cavaliers, leaving Miami Heat.
17:13 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for LeBron James Rejoins Cleveland Cavaliers
A decision has been made and there is LeBron James -- I'm coming home on Sports Illustrated and is website developing now when I'm Dan Butler and New York a big decision that a lot of fans. Both in Cleveland and Miami were waiting to hear and now we know the answer. LeBron James headed back home to his roots so for more on a long awaited decision. USA today column C news consultant Christine Brennan on the phone with us. Christine both camps the white -- the past couple of days find out exactly where king James -- -- land and now we now. That's like Dan and it's I intimate -- not surprising because. We could tell that his wife -- and social media and the other things it's kind of like it is really. Intricate and coming back home. From Akron which is just south of Cleveland. But then that there was word throughout the last few days is you know in your listeners know that he had not talked to the cavaliers and -- to the owner. And that is the sense that well Timmy -- want to do that the emotional Tug of Cleveland. Coming home by. We haven't -- anybody -- the business side of it clearly that -- I've got a column to date detailing USA today that on line on Twitter whatever and that. Saying that he should do bad in you know -- in the world can we say in the Cleveland beat Miami in anything could. And -- -- a week for Cleveland or even a couple weeks hit Johnnie Mandell drafted him now he's the toast of the town with the browns. Of course Republican national. And contention will be held in Cleveland in 26 -- huge money maker for the city. And now the front coming back that that sent a pretty great trio of events for a city that has had some really hard time yeah. It's had hard times in a state certainly getting a lot of highland ought to play this week. But -- asked -- -- because you -- what the surprise about all of this he met with head coach Pat Riley earlier this week if he nine. -- was not that he would come back to Miami at least for another year. You know it did it if you could surprise I mean what it saying in -- -- -- a quick look to. From them then -- was statement from that they -- pinkie he said and I guess they have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go to in -- without Sports Illustrated. On the that you know -- not being home the type of being home that he didn't realize. You know -- -- deal that left for him and but yes but in terms the basketball. Sense there's there's no I don't think anyone believes cavaliers are ready to the national title at the Indian BA title. This year. But -- -- being and potentially some other players there's young. You know there's talent there's youth there's promise. And he's coming back -- keeping from -- again is that he's coming back is very different person that when he last. -- it was of course the -- never won a title. He'd been there seven years never brought the championship to Cleveland starved for any professional championship going back in 1964. So that. Hurt that -- and now he's coming back with two NBA titles for NBA championship finals series. And then -- title in those -- series. And and he's the winner he's coming back -- the proven champion and I think that takes. A great burden off of LeBron James he can come back at the happier guy he's turning thirty in December. Tend we're seeing I think a more mature -- Catholic coming back home. A everywhere yet you know -- -- that you bring -- fact that they you know he's bringing to Cleveland a lot of -- On his resonate having your Harken back to 2010 when he made that decision to -- out of the heat there and it was called that decision I mean it was a highly produced. -- production and event on that. Now -- -- talk a little bit about the dynamics of between those two teams because Miami is clearly a different camp -- -- Cleveland Dennis. We get to the -- -- yeah oh absolutely but you know -- -- possible ban you know expectations will -- be. High for LeBron always been that never changes -- they've been infected cases have been high since he first. -- -- -- -- -- Yell at -- high school kid -- that doesn't change but they're really not high for the team might you know no one saying the cavaliers are gonna win the NBA title. -- -- ways that this relieves some pressure from him he can come home. The will be beloved and some of the most loyal best fans in sports are in northeastern I actually in trial -- -- -- -- -- from northwestern -- from the -- the Toledo. And what we were never Cleveland fans -- day you know there's no doubt that people in the midwest Big Ten country. Our great great fans loyal and caring and wonderful and that. That's what -- -- burned the Turkey for years ago analyses that big gloves that's when he comes back and so. Expectations for this year. Well I don't think -- thinking that they're gonna gonna make the NBA finals rank and Beckett -- that that second happened yet but the opportunity now to build as opposed to you know. Mixed water mixed together an instant NBA champions event that you were supposed to be and then finally worked for two years. Now at the complete opposite and I'll bet -- that -- -- refreshing thought for LeBron -- Certainly it is increasing if you can't hang on the orchestra's the second is -- wanna bring another midwesterner ABC's Karen Travers in Washington DC standing by and this -- -- want to get your take on this. You're from Cleveland correct I am not actually okay Philadelphia but that's okay -- notes and -- it like moderate. This is huge Dan I just got a text message from a friend who is from Cleveland a long suffering Cleveland. Sport since 1964. Yes you heard that right 1964. That's how big of a deal this is for them to finally have a chance to have the possibility. Of winning a title so my friend -- from Cleveland who had her LeBron Jersey had her teacher was so upset -- in 2010. She does -- said I -- tearing up is this real they are so excited in Cleveland. I of their four years ago within days before that famous statement about taking his talents to south -- There -- actually demonstrations in downtown Cleveland people had signs people -- banners. Near the offices -- LeBron James is talented team was based in downtown saying please stay please king James -- -- -- that billboard up -- one of the skyscrapers in Cleveland. And of course we all know how that turned out that differently than a couple weeks ago when the potential this before LeBron even announced he was going to be -- free agent but there was that potential. And my relatives out there at his wedding -- -- -- talk about this again was before -- even a possibility I think people out there are going to be so excited this is a really big deal for Cleveland and -- it's important and Christine touched on this but. The column in the piece that LeBron wrote for Sports Illustrated he really emphasizes this is not just about -- about he says. This is about going home this is about making an impact in your community. And he says he hopes that the message he's sending -- hundreds thousands of kids in northeast Ohio that you can go off you can go to college you can work. But come back home and keep your roots here in northeast Ohio how important that is to keep the talent there. He says that he hopes the message he's sending means other people will do the same thing. It's very interesting to hear that yes sentiment -- how Cleveland has changed since that decision because as our check in with -- about 2010 as you can point out as well. You know that decision released on a lot I mean that really dug some pretty deep wounds on that and it seems as if those -- appealed at least pretty quickly from some of the people the events speaking with -- there's no sense of betrayal I mean I'm -- and it sounds as if it's open arms -- -- in king James. Right one friend talked to yesterday and then again just moments ago said we're never gonna forget we were hurt so badly for years ago but -- feeling. That if LeBron James comes back and keeps that -- that you sign that SI piece that was very conciliatory saying look I know I hurt people. I know how I would feel I was a kid rooting for sports team and rooting for sports hero how devastated I would feel. I -- he keeps that conciliatory tone I think people are gonna welcome him back with open arms patent everybody loves a winner and he can come back there and do well. I think all will be forgiven and Dan of course so this teacher -- yesterday that -- -- being sold it said forgive and and the G it was a six LeBron James is number. Remember but he is burning jerseys for years ago when they might wanna try and put those ashes back -- -- and -- they can cobble back erector jerseys that. Phoenix will be rising parent -- a stretcher knowledge on this and and ask you what do you think the reaction from Miami is going to be on this I mean -- -- a blow to them -- -- in focus. There's always two sides to every -- in any kind of decision. And we just saw a tweet from the owner of the Miami Heat he said he was completely shocked and surprised by this but he understands and wishes LeBron James well and Dan it's not to knock Miami sports fans and -- hear this on Twitter for an email soon but the passion that you saw. From Miami fans when he got there they were so excited they had their two championships in four years that is some run very short run. But that is quite -- that -- and it's not looking good this year in the playoffs for the Miami Heat. Remember that video of people leaving the stands people leaving games early -- lot of heat for that no pun intended there. You know I think LeBron says that two in his column that he could make a difference and he could really make an impact in Miami but he feels. The importance of doing and his hometown he doesn't say it but his implication is gonna be appreciated a lot more there if he can be a winner on and off the court. -- now all -- -- I was going to be on that it will be interesting nuggets that has come out of this as far as the whole public campaign from Cleveland and the entire state of Ohio. Heck really even the midwest -- minus the pistons. Is that Cedar Point was offering to give him a bit of an honor if he decides to make a return to Cleveland right. I love that -- that they would name a roller coaster after him and you know if you know anybody from the midwest -- -- a pretty big deal out there seems to be a pretty high honor but -- -- -- A very interesting couple of weeks for the city of Cleveland you had. Johnny -- Zell going there the famous Johnny -- they have high hopes for their foot bots team now a lot resting on this very young quarterback's shoulders. Just a couple days ago the RNC announced that 2016 Republican Convention will also be in Cleveland. And -- it was interesting -- rights -- to announce that on Fox News earlier this week. He said they want to have a convention in June when habit as early as possible there nominee can spend all of that money in the lead up to Election Day they -- -- in June they would do in July but he said this live on TV. He said if the Cleveland Cavaliers were in the NBA finals. That could complicate things because they would need the convention center that -- the cavs play they would need that arena for about four to six weeks for the total build up for the convention. If LeBron James came back there's always that chance in two years that could be back in the finals that means the -- C -- the -- back a little -- you know not that -- -- -- -- ping -- had any heads up on -- -- Decision but it was interesting to note that they were already starting to think two years ahead that may -- Cleveland Cavaliers could be a winner again. -- scheduling conflicts and no stranger to Washington DC politics right although it is interest in one's political you know venues. Start to conflict with potential sporting franchises. Here we talked little bit about the decision that was made back in 2010 when the -- decide to go south to Florida. At the time the owner Dan Gilbert had said this in fact he he penned an open letter. To what he considered the former hero and part of this -- that -- say which is very harshly written to LeBron James with. A several day narcissistic self promotional build up. Essentially saying you're turning their back on us to go to Miami -- now all arms seem to be wide open to. Yet he caught in my power to you he really took some personal personal shots at LeBron James and -- and that letter also got so much attention because it was written in -- completely crazy font comics hands. It didn't look professional it look like somebody just sat down at their computer opened up document and just spewed out all of the anger frustration that have been building up. That walking to a head during that announcement on ESPN -- LeBron James but one thing I think -- -- interesting is that. All of this week there's been talk about how the -- James met with pat -- of the Miami Heat. And his agent his representatives were meeting with all the other -- there was no solid reporting about whether or not. LeBron James and that would Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and it seemed like that cited in the final hit -- but it could they buried hatchet that LeBron. Get past some of those personal slights and how his family felt after that two in 2010 in his op Ed today he says that they have -- he says I've met with and face to face man to man we talked it out. Everybody makes mistakes I've made mistakes as well who night to hold a grudge so it puts arrest any of the speculation that maybe. They haven't talked but as somebody said this morning and -- look if he was still really hung up on that letter and the reaction from Cleveland in 2010 they -- even been up for consideration it would in Miami and some other team or just Miami at all typical. A lot of -- by about -- -- in Cleveland ABC's Karen Travers in Washington DC who is from Philadelphia and has more knowledge about Cleveland night. Anyone I've ever known -- you. Never -- to impress me I would appreciate it thank you so much -- -- I want to bring an obvious Skype lead NBA writer for the Bleacher Report Josh Martin. Joining us not just how surprising is this decision. I'm shocked. Be honest I had been thinking all along that -- was going to come back to Miami considering the success. He had -- -- -- over the last four years going to -- an NBA finals winning two championships but. I think the thing that I discounted the most I'm sure some other just aren't as well I was just how strongly he felt about. Making right. Making things right with his hometown going back to Cleveland winning a title for them after failing to do so during his first stint with the cavs in. As he made clear throughout his letter on Sports Illustrated. It is the his desire now is to go home northeast Ohio and to do something more than just win is to make in that area better place to live a better place to grow up. And really reduce funding great for his home state. They'll let me ask you this thing given those abilities and the championships and he's -- with -- -- -- does this make Cleveland a competitive championship team. -- -- -- You if you put LeBron on any team in the Eastern Conference which is weak and -- to the Western Conference looking at team that is probably going to be the favorite to win the issue in conference. If you're going to win your conference I mean you're going to the finals which means you have an excellent shot to win -- championship now LeBron made clear in his letter that he doesn't expect that this will be easy he knows it's going to take some time. The cavs have a very young roster a new head coach a new GM. Shaky owner to stay there at least over the years he's proven to be show so it is going to be a difficult process but as long as you have LeBron your team and as long as the -- is the best player in basketball you're going to have a shot to -- at all. Also now but the big man has signed what other issues -- gonna be dropped and landing Cleveland is -- going to be a deal for Kevin -- Well that's a possibility and has been floated as a possibility. In -- and days and yielding two in the bronze letter he doesn't mention by name Andrew -- the cavs number one overall pick. In this past -- think if he was expecting to play with Andrew Wiggins that he might have mentioned him but. You know we'll see maybe there's a deal involving Kevin Love that will have Andrew -- going back to Minnesota will see -- there's a lot of possibilities still in the -- for. For their part have a lot of pieces that they can move around to try to make -- even better for LeBron. Lots of love in Cleveland yes pun intended from all that but what about in Miami what's next for the heat -- -- got to go after other star. Hardly start that that rebuilding process. It's going to be tough for them they note that the big thing for them -- to make good with Dwyane Wade. Who opted out of the final two years of his deal which would have earned him about 42 million dollars so I think they're gonna have to bring him back. They're gonna have to bring back Udonis as long as well it a rule when a pair of -- who also opted out of his deal to try to give Miami's more flexibility to go out and get some more pieces that -- -- -- dirt in. And frankly there there aren't that many options out there on the free agent market right now that do whom that he can turn to. The make up for the -- to Parker know there are in second tier guys out there like -- -- paying your Lance Stephenson Trevor Ariza who would surely be glad to take the money that Miami now has available for it but you know if Chris Bosh now one of the other victory takes off for Houston Miami certainly is not looking at anything close. Two atop your playoff team they would be lucky now even get into the playoffs in the eastern -- And so we'll have to wait and see how it will all play out Josh Martin from the Bleacher Report just like -- so much and he got a busy day ahead of you appreciate your time always you thank you very much of course -- long national drama has ended LeBron James rejoining. -- Cleveland Cavaliers the big decision announced today you can keep up -- the store in real time. Download and ABC news App Store -- -- for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan Butler New York.

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