The Legacy: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland

Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland return to their districts, imagining what their legacies will be and discuss bridging the divide among lawmakers.
5:19 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The Legacy: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland
Nancy. Ron cook yes. The governors and absolutely okay why will continue fear of not doing five years ago now I think congress. Representing you in congress. One of the mean here. She wasn't the one that you can't not vote of Barbie doll. That you and I. I. I had the first 100 days been for you you know it was remarkable with the. Historically and I'm to focus on the people that sent me here in my district working hard and what can we do to really agent. And bring people together to stop the decision. And just work. What does the next 100 days looked like. I would say the next 100 days looks like a lot of work in the district every single person in congress we'll have a chance to demonstrate that they're bringing resources and to their districts. Bidding that there are a lot of voters. Across the country who are frustrated with the lack of bipartisanship. And is there anything. Right now that you could see any issue. Working with Democrats I've already been doing it I just sitting with around justice reforms that such passion of mine and I work done. As president former criminal justice reform as a state lawmaker. And the first bill that I was rather lead Republican sponsor him as a criminal justice bill. Out of the house that I partnered up with content from across the barter issues were you feel like you'll be able to find common ground of Republicans. I mean we're issues where we shot about. Common ground already the American rescue plan for example being violence against women. I think I'm hoping that. As the American rescue plan gets implemented and people are getting vaccines the economy is coming meant it will be able to work on the infrastructure contending that the relief. Important issue. What has been some of that the best moment for you in the last 108 through all of the pain in the pandemic. Would say that you know I'm so proud of the team that I have assembled and my team of Washington DC business in nineteen here at home. So you know I want to have really outstanding constituent services and that when people. Call my office and they need a problem that we're going to be able to solve it as a freshman in congress and there's a publication that looks at the diversity of senior staff. And as a freshman you know I ranked number one and the most diverse and Washington DC at the senior level and those standards. And burn and he is my. Chief of staff is trained American tree in my trial she is my com's director and she is African American men Victor Pilon. Mileage detector and he's Latino and LG BTQ. And I chosen because they're the most qualified and the smartest but I'm so proud of that team that some of these. The lessons regulars here still carry with you absolutely and then it's all about community Wright getting to meet people in the community whether they're. Starting their day are getting off there and night shift in their family comes in and then people that are regulars that come in every week there. Visitors that come through town it's really for me. Relying on the value of hard work learning from top classes and some tough times and trying to survive to. And this idea of second chances links. It's something peculiar Mon track you know that it doesn't have to be history of lying it's okay the did and slowly but come back around and it's all the work out. It works itself out and making hat. I clearly if you if you have a dream he sat a few holes in you work hard thing you can keep it. We talked about how crazy the first 100 days have been. Just happened when word. Eventful. And M in the most positive way. Most positive way animals other. Positives and because being 117. Congress is the most diverse. We score and a lot of women. We have passed landmark legislation to help people and although it was in the back company pandemic. Economic crisis and racial injustice we are actually doing a lot of positive things. He decades down the line what do you hope that your legacy. Is going to be they worked extremely hard they worked across CIO. That I said when I was going to do I hate politics. Really do that's reason I got and politics is saying hey he could be asked hate hypocrisy. We know the 117. Congress faces a challenging road ahead. As he tried to bridge the divide in our nation at a time when our country is looking for hope. And promise. Our faith and put in these newly elected freshman representatives and they continue to be a voice for the people with the people. Every cook got. Thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland return to their districts, imagining what their legacies will be and discuss bridging the divide among lawmakers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77053388","title":"The Legacy: Representatives Nancy Mace and Marilyn Strickland","url":"/US/video/legacy-representatives-nancy-mace-marilyn-strickland-77053388"}