Legal analyst: Chauvin’s use of force was 'absolutely not reasonable'

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with attorney Lisa Houlé, who defends police officers, about the closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial as the jury deliberates.
6:08 | 04/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Legal analyst: Chauvin’s use of force was 'absolutely not reasonable'
For more on today's closing arguments and testimony that we've heard over the last few weeks we bring in Lisa who weigh issues former LA county prosecutor and a defense attorney who's worked with in defended hundreds of police officers. Thanks so much for joining us again this who lake so the prosecution says of this case is about one man Derrick Sheldon and not about the Minneapolis police department of Saint Louis. And what the defendant did here was days straight. Felony assault this was not policing that force for nine minutes and 29 seconds that killed George Floyd. If he betrayed the match. In everything and stood for it's not help her train it's not following the rules. This is not an anti police prosecution. It's a pro police prosecution. Well do you feel the state argued this point and what was the strategy behind it. Plenty I think they argue this point so well this is about one man. This is not about the entire mania at Minneapolis police department and they really do need to stand behind Sid good guys write the ones who are there to protect and served. The ones who are there to investigate crime scenes that once more they are chilled law actually. Apprehend people an arrest people that need to be taken to jail. Officer Sheldon is not one of those officers. He used unreasonable force and ends he really disparage you know that badge and all the other good officers that he works best. That was a very important distinction to make. They used so often work with police officers do you guess and say how many in law enforcement are feeling about this trial in a whatever the verdict making do you think that this landmark case will have an ultimate impact on policing in America. I absolutely get a very strong feeling from other officers about how they feel about this and it is abundantly clear. Then there is at one officer that I still continue who thinks that this was even reasonable use of force. They are all really just so disappointed. To put it mildly with what officer Sheldon did it. And remember I have Gary close relationships with clients. You know former officers it dead I used to work with us prosecutor so I know. Hundreds it you know if not thousands of law enforcement officers. And this is frowned. She east former chiefs cap stands all the way down to the boots on the ground and I have yet to talk about talk to one person. Who will shade that they think it went officer Shelton did was OK and I really do think it's gonna change their way. On you know that we look at policing moving forward I actually Gayle. In the defense's closing argument we would hurt a lot about what a so called reasonable police solve. Essar would do here is just one of those moments. A reasonable officer wants to keep his fellow officers six. The reasonable police officer takes into consideration. The safety of civilians. The reasonable place the police officer regional police officer takes into account the safety of the person of their arrest. Come all of the evidence that we heard do you think that Derek -- acted like a so called reasonable police officer in the situation and do you think that repeating that phrase so many times. Offered some help for the defense. I I think it's honestly going to backfire an and here's why see at first of all that was maybe you know shot mr. Nelson seeing term three times. He must have said it over a hundred times in his closing argument and the reason it's gonna backfire is. Officer Shelton didn't use the reasonable care he didn't operate as a reasonable police officer should he wasn't making sure that mr. Floyd was OK he was dismissed and he almost wasn't mocking or he didn't seem to care he showed complete callous disregard it. While engaged in an imminently dangerous axis of basically cutting off air remember cutting off somebody's air that's a precursor to death. This was absolutely not reasonable at all and I think it's gonna backfire. And lastly taking a step back here which side do you feel that made better closing arguments today the prosecution and the defense and and do you think that it'll take a long time for the very eager to reach its decision. So I think the prosecutors in this case did an excellent job. But I also do you wanna see something mr. mouse and so mr. Nelson is a good lawyer and he really did a good job with the proverbial you know hand that he was dealt. I stayed at wits with appreciation and empathy for the very very difficult job that he hats that. He have to deal. But again I think that the prosecution just really knock it out of the park they were professional. They were not overly emotional or dramatic. They hate their points well being or articulate. They pointed out that luck. This is not a difficult issue number one the forces on reasonable number Chiu. Officer Sheldon ruled on the structural its neck cutting off his air. That wasn't substantial cause of death and even despite all the medical issues and preexisting conditions that mr. fully had a those are not defenses. Any of these charges and adds you know mr. Blackwell so eloquently said even a nine year olds can see that this was wrong. And just like the rest of the world can see that this was Rocco so I really think the prosecution did get an excellent job. Using that and it's just gonna be a matter of time before we get the verdict short amount of time I should say. I wouldn't be surprised if we got in a short amount of time however keep in mind you know these jerseys is a first time they're hearing all this. They are not legal experts. Need to take care and the time to arrive at a verdict that they believe and that they felt confident and still while two people like you know you and I and iniki hit this should be a no brainer it's still might take some time but I do ultimately think. Officer Shelton is going to be convicted I don't see any other outcome. Lisa who lay we thank you so much for your insight. Think slinky.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with attorney Lisa Houlé, who defends police officers, about the closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial as the jury deliberates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77179068","title":"Legal analyst: Chauvin’s use of force was 'absolutely not reasonable'","url":"/US/video/legal-analyst-chauvins-force-absolutely-reasonable-77179068"}