Legal expert discusses Daunte Wright shooting, Derek Chauvin trial

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd brings viewers up to speed on the charges against Kim Potter for shooting Daunte Wright and the winding down of the Derek Chauvin trial.
4:09 | 04/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Legal expert discusses Daunte Wright shooting, Derek Chauvin trial
Pursue legal analysis we now bring back Sean a Lloyd civil rights attorney with the Cochran firm in Florida thanks so much for joining us again miss Lloyd. Now let's start with Kim potter that case and the shooting of daunting right she's charged with second degree manslaughter issue with what we know so far issue may have confused her gun with her taser. How hard you think it'll be for prosecutors to get a conviction in this case and for her to get actual prison time for this incident. In this case as much as at a popular opinion the true despite a lot standard it's going to be hard dancing conviction. I think what we may see as some are Biggio it just was go to trial it's gonna be a very high burden should because its Statehouse to choose passages proved that she made a conscious choice should there is a defense of the stage and if she. Honestly and reasonably believes it was a taser. She doesn't have the requisite Mendes rayo which just means that mental state having made a conscious choice. Grave bodily harm says the legal argument what that is going to be Gary Hart to me I believe when you're looking. This chase car which now there's still a lot of facts that happening command and there's going to be a lot of look into our history. Previous records any incidents in uses of force that may shed some light. On her state of mind when this place. And let's now penitent Eric show ring trial in its final days were you surprised at Derek seven invoked his Fifth Amendment right and decided not to testify in. And what do you think the testifying could have gained and cost him. To be honest Lindsay icing that he was better and I see it was Smart because once he gains an advantage and was cross examine speech the cross examination would have been very hard for him because he would. To explain so many things and details I don't think she would have an explanation eyewitness I said the jury should now what he when he lost and that is that he couldn't humanize this speech he quitting giving an explanation as she is she how. When asked what it was. He was thinking when he made those choices and each step of the way so he doesn't lose that advantage would teacher. Now the defense took a lot less time to argue its case in the prosecution. Tell us in anything about their respective arguments. I think that speaks more towards the Burton accrue as a Christian their arguments that state has a higher bird groups and defense does not actually to anonymous hate speech so this he said. That the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is there Jason she sang happy but for the neon and neck. Mr. Floyd wouldn't say that speaks to why beer she's so much more extensive Tuesday don't want to leave runs or reasonable. And we also heard from some show things colleagues in including his boss the chief of police but they testified for the state and not for him how damning is that. I think that's incredibly. Increased chased I think that the jury's going to you remember. That all the testimony they heard this is subject of departure from anything we've seen typically pass where you have actual. Law enforcement officers that are stating that the shuttle this was a reasonable these are people of his rank and above his friend Bethel dentist wasn't the corporation's source. Of theory being speaks to get back. Accident due not to juries don't overlook. I'm expecting from closing arguments next and does the prosecution and the defense both tried it to seal it up to the jury. I think organist unit prosecution why you Everyzing that stance brought as a possible. Alternate. Pozen Jack. You're gonna see us and time to witness is they're gonna reach all the summation and Egyptian it. Point study experts age you're gonna see them tie and a nice little Angel until we put a jury so that we don't lose the points they're thinking about going to deliberation which I think we're gonna see it spent so. And say well. Davis and you heard gives experts say it is as an alternate reasons for it. She you're gonna see highlight those areas where and he asked how they need there arguments are reasonable. China Lloyd thank you so much for your time appreciate it. And.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd brings viewers up to speed on the charges against Kim Potter for shooting Daunte Wright and the winding down of the Derek Chauvin trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77107028","title":"Legal expert discusses Daunte Wright shooting, Derek Chauvin trial","url":"/US/video/legal-expert-discusses-daunte-wright-shooting-derek-chauvin-77107028"}