'The One': 'Lifelong Love' with Jacqueline and Kenneth

Kenneth and Jacqueline Sumner share what has kept their marriage working for over 44 years.
2:30 | 02/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The One': 'Lifelong Love' with Jacqueline and Kenneth
Love is a very complex issue. You can't really explain. My name is Kenneth W Sumner junior and merit to Jack went. 44 years if that will be big enough let you know it's dark you know enough ago. Or ministry. Mine. Who has raised and what was going to. Though it is it is accurate terms ma you know. I don't have to leaving them for it right back. He lived not far from me how I thought and passed the house. In the beginning a week clicks like almost soul mates but we should've been again. I'm forcing my father got very ill and my senior year my mother. Had her license. But never drove anywhere. So it and I. Basic reading had to take over where. Where he. Tickle it things that he used to do. So one time like that happens and it makes you test priests New Year's Day. And this and relationship that you have unity cabinet. Licensed and sure. The good relation the FB Payson. Anything. I come in mind selflessness. All of the and that create investment in some time ago picked up a picnic. You know there's no holding certain that more important word in this room or. And she never effective step. Or if you members. Again like the time you hear taxi or car did when the town. I always knew that he was up to something you could so I love go ahead think that he was high in this car and me in the one day. Pulled out of town I run rate behind. Change it. What's so opposite we have but. We always find it. You know this is Hutu where the I don't know pardon fits.

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{"id":53030756,"title":"'The One': 'Lifelong Love' with Jacqueline and Kenneth","duration":"2:30","description":"Kenneth and Jacqueline Sumner share what has kept their marriage working for over 44 years.","url":"/GMA/video/lifelong-love-jacqueline-kenneth-53030756","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}