Lion Cubs Pass Zoo's Swim Test

Four cubs are preparing to join the National Zoo's exhibit in June.
1:43 | 05/06/14

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Transcript for Lion Cubs Pass Zoo's Swim Test
The all important swim reliability tests to see if these -- -- food lion cubs can not only swim at this point. But also navigate toward shore and climbed their -- calls from the most. To dry -- hurt to know which way safety is. And to know how not just know how to make sure they are strong enough physically. To pull themselves out of the water the first boy wanted out pretty quickly and the girl may have stated the longest of the four. The other two boys didn't -- a good distance along the wall. All four succeeded zoo keepers say that even some neighbors came out to see what all the commotion was about. They're coming out into the open environment for the very first time ever. So they're saying they're being hit on all five -- animal care staff here the national zoo placed the cubs into the water and helped guide the cubs toward land. I passed in the -- the -- will prove to the animal keepers that they are ready to safely explore the outdoor habitat. And perhaps more importantly for visitors ready to be seen by the public that the -- I was wearing where puncture resistant gloves and so that protects me when I'm getting cut out of the water that they turn around and I mean they can actually break through passing to -- means that they all kept their heads above water even the ones who submerged completely when they were first put into the water. Pulled their heads out of the water before cubs were born on March 2 to nine year old mother she era three males and a female they don't have names yet. -- -- only identified by their shape marks the two lying cubs born on January 24 successfully passed -- swim test back in April. Keepers are confident that they are ready for introduction to guard three here at the -- Their public debut set for this Friday.

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{"id":23612885,"title":"Lion Cubs Pass Zoo's Swim Test","duration":"1:43","description":"Four cubs are preparing to join the National Zoo's exhibit in June.","url":"/US/video/lion-cubs-pass-zoos-swim-test-23612885","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}