Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles

LA fire department begins search for damage and injuries.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Transcript for Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles
This is a special group. Again nothing New York -- -- ABC news digital special report it's not the big one but a lot of people did feel lit up four point 4 earthquake this morning. Centered in the greater Los Angeles area it struck. And about 6:25 AM Pacific time this epicenter. Just six miles from Beverly Hills. And joining me now on the phone with the latest about that is ABC's outs don't in Los Angeles Alex. What's the latest out there. Well the LA apartment it in earthquake mode right -- try to Iraq. Looking at 8 AM major injuries. So far they haven't found any -- that look like they're likely will be little or points or not a major quake but. It was enough to get people's attention many people who -- -- and it when it happened. They woke up to -- shaking it's been described to admit I didn't -- at my wife didn't feel it. But it's been described -- odds -- two pretty strong -- it got people up and got people's attention but. Luckily right now no damage that we go -- and no injuries have been reported did not want want. I know unfortunately you guys are used -- these earthquakes out there deserve seem to be any kind of panic chaos anything in the streets. No -- -- -- -- -- they like -- you don't lot of people or say how that interest thing that would waited to begin at eight Monday. There have been some recent earthquakes here over the weekend there were a couple of around the four point -- range just north of LA in the -- -- -- area. -- near cynical arena for folks you know LA but. I note you know its opening -- Californians who quit you always get that little shaken up when -- happens you'll take notice you think do I have my area earthquake emergency kit ready. I can't it was bigger then they insure but I. Some rattling up this year -- because there was no major damage that we know of right now. I'll decade seems like most people are saying well that would surprise maybe it was are -- -- -- they moved here not long ago. They may be feeling that hurts a little bit more but. For most -- -- -- they say this is a part of living in California. And if you're looking at this -- right here that red line is a San Andreas faults and it's a significant distance between where the epicenter was located and the actual fault line there. But a four point four though -- so it is enough then to rattle some pictures off the wall that -- but it's not gonna be tipping over tables chairs things like that. What exactly -- -- not -- people who were in the areas it felt it. Definitely noticed what was going on and that didn't things were rattling fingers were we do at their reports pictures -- -- -- but. I'm not enough the government now -- export issues -- come -- -- the -- You know it really does depend on where you are -- because of geography. Earthquakes can be -- Strong and one neighbor. And barely felt or not -- another Everett like -- -- I live in critical -- -- -- of LA and we really didn't -- that people not too far away from what you're saying it was very very strong and it woke them up and show them out of bed. It really does depend on where you are. You can be at one area and chaotic gala but it could be a pretty sizable earthquake in this case it was relatively minor and a four point four -- -- off. Specially around -- populated area like LA. You know something's going on -- future attention. By -- it seems like horrible wake up call for folks this morning. They didn't say anything -- -- any damage -- people -- -- that. Alex I'm curious amid protests by -- what is -- an emergency air an earthquake emergency preparedness kit. Aren't you know that we -- -- -- -- like they tell you. A week to week I would have to go look inside -- But what we have is a little backed -- equally in it -- all and many people keep them -- their cards as well in case. They're driving around something happen. I got water and so I -- Food -- ten laps down a number of years it comes indicate that many people make their own. And worked constantly reminded here in California -- get ready. And acts that anybody watching right now makes about one -- they live in California. Not everybody -- you're supposed to do it. I you know it's as they were all told be ready for an emergency but an -- locker -- medications ready. In case somebody couldn't get -- or several days. And yet that's what part Bentley decided to do it. Many people have heeded that warning but I earthquake kits are fairly -- around California. And -- as you say people it's a -- to start to get used to the earthquake as you can -- -- that latest is just west of Los Angeles measuring four point four magnitude -- -- been downgraded early reports of a four point seven. And I know that that kind of can fluctuate in these early reports when those first earthquakes are coming -- it is from the US geological society correct they're the ones that actually determine the magnitude of the quake. Where do you -- -- -- official determination on that Internet typically be initial magnitude comes out. Will change you can go lock picking go Dell now want to affectionately confirmed it. -- -- -- They have answers around California and that it expires company mail so we probably can't check in doubt -- shaking. But those who subscribe to the email alerts got them saying that it would I believe four point seven -- -- well they -- Geologists and scientists actually go and look at -- the models are what you -- and then they recalculate what this systematic calculator early on so initially based system set up four point seven. They looked at that would -- now that was actually -- straw. And the visual magnitude has been downgraded to -- four -- For four point four is where it's and it right now on ABC's -- -- on the phone with us out similar to get back to getting ready for your morning we appreciate your time on that. And of course you can keep up the latest on today's caliper earthquake in real time -- -- -- the ABC news at star that story for exclusive updates on the go. For now though I'm Dan clips -- New York with its digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"LA fire department begins search for damage and injuries.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22940738","title":"Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-earthquake-la-fire-department-searches-damage-22940738"}