Los Angeles teachers' strike ends

Denver teachers vote to strike as week-long Los Angeles strike ends in deal.
2:48 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Los Angeles teachers' strike ends
Now let's go to California teachers are back at work in Los Angeles the country's second largest school district after being on strike for several days. ABC's remain a coup that has the very latest and remain on what type of deal did the teachers and reach with the school district. Morning Stephanie yes of the teachers not a lot of their demands mad. They'd gotten. Nurses at every school every day they got eighty more librarians at least 180 school they're gonna get smaller class sizes that was a big demand and they're getting 6%. Salary increases it's not exactly what they hoped for. But all of the other things are being met so it's a good start for the teachers. At fantastic so they've got that pay increase Ceci mentioned 6% raise in salary. The task force to cut standardized testing by 50% a lot of those demands that they were request stained. Upfront and what what's kind of the feel they are in that area from students at you may have come across or the teachers themselves they have to be somewhat relieved. Definitely we're here and Emerson middle school and just a couple minutes ago this was flooded with students this school buses dropping kids off everybody excited to get back to school and you can see behind me but there's a welcome sign with balloons so I think everybody's just happy to get back into the classrooms and get back to learning. And then Los Angeles you've been covering this were a little bit at the start of this did you. Hear from teachers that may have been an a little has a ten to our our didn't think they would actually get some type of deal with the district. Or were they optimistic. Mix I think they also didn't just they just didn't know how long this would go and again they re getting paid during the strike so he's I think a lot of people are just a little freaked out how witty going to livable second week so Friday when they actually started. Negotiating again it you know. I think it's that they got more optimistic ones that began. So the deal reached there in Los Angeles but we year and that this also may be happening in the Denver teachers going on strike there asking for our first similar to Nantes. Similar changes. Yes still in. In Denver the union 90% of the union agreed to go on strike but they can't legally go on strike until Monday. And much smaller group they're here we had you know 30000. Teachers unions in their about 5600. But I mean if this continues as as a trend I think we'll be seeing a lot more. Districts getting together and and voting for strikes. All right remain at thank you so much for that update so glad see everybody's back to. School teachers nurses counselors and of course the students.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Denver teachers vote to strike as week-long Los Angeles strike ends in deal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60571069","title":"Los Angeles teachers' strike ends ","url":"/US/video/los-angeles-teachers-strike-ends-60571069"}