Louisville mayor advocates for gun policy reform

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, asked to talk directly to Trump as the president traveled to his city for a convention.
2:22 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for Louisville mayor advocates for gun policy reform
A lot of advocates for stricter gun control measures trying to keep the pressure on his congress. It's still two weeks are going back to Washington the president seeming to take a step back from that sense of urgency one of those people is mayor Greg Fisher of Louisville, Kentucky where the president. Is visiting today he joins us now live mayor Fisher thanks so much for company you'd reach out to the White House. To try to talk to the president personally about gun violence in the need to take action they couldn't get something scheduled. But what was the message you were hoping to deliver to him today. But gun safety reform is made history it is not radical what's radicals nothing's being done in Washington. He gets guns and reform in our country right now is legal overwhelming. Amount Americans. Once measures be taken here's a world all of it and there is an American who earn 64 mayors Republicans Democrats independents. Are similar to the US and asking them to act on these house bills and we know that house those little securities shoot. But we've got to show the American people that we hear it. DC is behind the American people in terms of where we want to go on gun safety slows to encourage. I'm the president to give the green light suit US senator Mitch McConnell the US senate Republicans to say let's get this boat go wrong. It do you agree with the president today mayor Fisher that this is a public health emergency work conditions like in Louisville right now in terms of gun violence. It's a public oh mercy all over the country and it has been quite some time. We focus on the mass shootings. And the headlines but when you think erupted daily drumbeat. Deaths caused by guns in terms of suicides in terms the debt we see. In the cities of America. It mentioned it as many people were dying at a shopping mall that day. The whole country will be gone crazy saying we've got to do something here so. It's a bumper a leader to step be a state senator State's woman to say. This is not partisan issues we've got to make this a human issue we don't make this American issue and something needs to be done. So I don't the president does that though the US and doesn't and I hope this is just the beginning of the track the changes we since he's country. Yeah a lot of push for leadership right now there's an absence of an in this town mayor Greg Fisher will look Kentucky's great city there. Thank you so much sir for coming on.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, asked to talk directly to Trump as the president traveled to his city for a convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65108887","title":"Louisville mayor advocates for gun policy reform","url":"/US/video/louisville-mayor-advocates-gun-policy-reform-65108887"}