Louisville mayor calls for action on gun control legislation

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, explains the "unfortunate, sad, pitiful reality we live in today" in the wake of recent mass shootings in America.
4:34 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Louisville mayor calls for action on gun control legislation
And yesterday a group of bipartisan group of mayors. Where from all of the countries from including. Came to Washington to meet with the White House officials to urge them to take action. On gun control legislation among those in attendance was. Louisville mayor Greg Fisher who I spoke with moments ago take a lesson. The main professor at first like to thank you for joining me here in our Washington newsroom here in town because you're part of that bipartisan group of mayors. That man with White House officials to discuss gun control legislation and asking what were the conversations abound. And when you take away from not meeting. The almost 300 mayors Republicans Democrats independents came together to say we need common sense reform. Or 90%. Of Americans are saying this now so yesterday at the White House. Good session obviously lots of questions back and forth. You know their message was we're looking in a suite of solutions. Our message was let's do something now because the people on the streets of America just. Can't understand why nothing's happening and sees mass shootings continue to increase so. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good here. Let's get started in the work on the next step after that so. I can tell you measure not gonna go way moms are going to go away students aren't gonna normal way people are just sick and tired of seeing their fellow citizens gunned down. Compact and he has also talk about what you guys are doing at the local level as well that was one of the questions tell us about some of the measures you are taking increase safety and I sensed something really sad. I said you know for a practical stance. What we're doing is training people have certainly come a come from across a situation where there's been a mass shooting or they're involved with that. How can you stop the bleeding because these assault rifle. Both bullets we have a small opening them massive cavity inside city have to stop the bleeding so person has a chance to survive. So people appreciate the reality of this but they're also really upset and angry that in the United States of America. This is what we're and the train our citizens to do to protect us from his weapons of war and there's. Is that a lot of public outcry about people demanding that congress acts congress return a session yesterday. And senate majority leader Mitch McConnell recently said that. He's not willing to take up any legislation that doesn't have the president's backing. And we seen a recent weeks and weeks that the president has his views on background checks have evolved and at one point he said that he didn't believe that background checks would have. Prevented the recent mass shooting so do you believe that a Republican led senate will get behind some of the things that you guys are advocating for. Well this is a time for statesmanship to come forward here what we do know is that 90% of Americans want this to happen. So this is a no brainer in terms of listening to the citizens listening those suburban moms who when they're dropping their kids off at school are wondering. In my room to see them again. Her grandmother in Lowell asked me two weeks ago whether or not she should buy her granddaughter of bulletproof backpack with a bulletproof vest accessory. And what kind of country are we becoming here so. People need to be thinking about country over party this is a human issue it's not a Republican or democratic issue take action let everybody be accounted for. And when you hear some of those stories as a surprise you that a new ABC news Washington Post poll shows that six in ten Americans more than half of Americans. Fear that that rationing can hop in their community. That's the unfortunate sad pitiful reality that we're in today when you take a look at Dayton. Gilroy can little desk so why them why not. Who evolved. Washington DC. You know this is sad that we're having to think about this is a country and people see the increasing. Frequency that these are happening as well. And so not always this horrible today but if this kind of repeated the continues. When we unit report on this every two or three days right now. So with the amount of weapons on history of America and in the lack of regulation in this space we need to do more in the American people deserve that. And Lhasa mayor and ask you what would you say to those who say what you guys are proposing. Background check legislation the red flag laws. Arm is radical it's radical take on the measure. Yet what's radicals nothing's been done on this. When 90% of the American public agrees on these issues when the vast majority of NRA members agrees on this as well. A small group of loud people holding up this type of reform common sense reform. There's just incredible numbers of Americans want is a real disservice to this country. Great conversation with mayor Greg Fisher there think you.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, explains the \"unfortunate, sad, pitiful reality we live in today\" in the wake of recent mass shootings in America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65522217","title":"Louisville mayor calls for action on gun control legislation","url":"/US/video/louisville-mayor-calls-action-gun-control-legislation-65522217"}