LZ Granderson: ‘My prayer is that this becomes a trend’

ABC News contributor LZ Granderson reacts to the Derek Chauvin murder conviction and if this case represents progress toward police reform.
5:42 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for LZ Granderson: ‘My prayer is that this becomes a trend’
Let's bring an ABC news contributor LC granderson Al Zain thanks so much for joining us. Been asking everybody the same question tonight personally just get your reaction to the verdict. Paul. Developments muted. It's muted because. There was a video literally had the murder. Caught on tape on camera. And so was very difficult to deny that ten minute moment we'll George forward and and officer former officers already. The reason why his nudity is because I'm also reminded. Of what the police department said that day soon thereafter. What they said was. George port experiencing medical incidents. And that he DOS. When you go back to you read that initial statement which is about 200 words there is no mention all of the witnesses who were. Casting problems to children to remove his beauty from mr. Ford's neck. There's no mention that mr. showbiz meat was even born just reports back. So smartly accidents muted because I know how lucky we are to get here. We're lucky that her seventeen year old girl's phone had a melt chart to capture that moment we're lucky she went to the store that day. We're much as she went back store at that moment. What do you decided to go early. We may not have any ordinance so it's nudity because I have relieved that there isn't guilty charged and guilty verdict. But also remember what could have happened had that video not been captured. And today you dependent on net in the LA times stories and photos guilty verdict is showing trial won't be enough for real progress. What does real progress looked like T. Real progress is when we have an officer on trial or thought of video going viral. What are protesters. Real progress is when the police is actually able to make sure the bad officers. Did it all all the forest it all or Robert streets before they get twelve point and was doing counseling George board. So real progress. Is actually looked good police officers. Answer beating to save George Ford's life. When we get to that point in terms of law enforcement in the weighted toward what from the justice then we'll see real progress of markets. And you also touch upon the important role cell phone videos have played in providing a set of viewing to interactions with police. But despite all of that you say this case energize some movement for police reform injustices that you know long we silence. But we did not arrive here by design if anything the design was to avoid this moment. How does this country go about having significant systemic change. Opposes Starks proposed amendments a personal level. You know many families were discussing this case will be discussed in this trial in the events others. However add that this incident that this day people may 20/20. Still happening. In the sense that we have all concerns that need to also go through TARP their court appearance in court proceedings in a trial we also have to understand. Know how exactly did express release did on a pro sports. Considering the number of witnesses that would bear. Who saw their children put his meal and sort sports Mecca yet there was no mention of any of that in the initial report or at least on this initial statement. Soria first against Rick and to personal sort of looking at what happened how you feel about it. And then I would encourage people who are still confused who were still upset or worse yet who think we can now move broad. I would encourage you to do things to educate yourselves. Read the new Jim Crow. Watch the thirteen. Go out of your comfort zone. To learn more about this because. It is imperative that you educate yourself so that when. Things like this occur again you're not blind sided by the dynamics you actually have information to have more experience and understanding what to look out for. So begins at home begins we'll talk and to personally. I know you say your reaction is muted. To use of the verdicts. I'm curious if you feel hopeful and all about the potential for change in this moment. And. Well the one thing that I'm holding on to. Even though I recognize that because of the video we had really no choice. Home seeing beat good officers being willing to call out the actions of a bad officer. My hope really my prayer. Does that this becomes a trend that this Texas all odd because. Then we can start talking about establishing trust. Between law enforcement and community generously serve. For right now. There's homeless we still think it's us vs them in again when you look at that initial statement made by the police department it feels very much like that. The loans it feels that way it's difficult to establish trust so my hope. There's that the parade of officers were willing to come forward and say that it's not proper police conduct. They keep energy. And that it catches fire and that other police departments also have those moments. Because no one. Not good. Cops not citizens no one wants the deal with this again. Only would we can start to avoid it is like getting those dirt soap and I'll call the police department's. LC granderson. Thank you so much for your time we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"ABC News contributor LZ Granderson reacts to the Derek Chauvin murder conviction and if this case represents progress toward police reform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77205011","title":"LZ Granderson: ‘My prayer is that this becomes a trend’","url":"/US/video/lz-granderson-prayer-trend-77205011"}