Major flooding across Pennsylvania

Neighborhoods throughout the state are experiencing road closures, flash flooding
3:30 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Major flooding across Pennsylvania
Heavy rains have led to extreme flooding and it's been causing a lot of problem for residents. And now they seem to be coming together to deal with the aftermath we're going to go to aerial over chef Susan trend on Pennsylvania us. Harry well good morning and talents tell us what it's like where you are a means to be honest thankfully it looks pretty dry where you're standing. He had there's been a bit of a reprieve from those heavy rains a lot but we are hearing treat mine and this is one of the areas that it's just been devastated by the flooding over the last few days and really over the last few weeks I want to show you here this is just one of the streets and you can see that messy sludge that you lead mind that still left on the side here. Just imagine that being in. Like your home woman exactly what happened her family is on street just near where we're standing we went for our world news. A tonight location last night our live shot last night with inside someone's home. Where the water line they showed us was about five. You can imagine that terror and the panic about fifteen families had to be emergency evacuated from the area where we are actually standing. They had to roll up their carpets when they came back they had to. Try to survey some of the damage and it with extensive we're standing in front of The American Legion building right here. In the center of town and we know that this building has now been deemed unsafe it is that can stand. There's no way we could stand out on the balcony and through the members like this in on it from being on and I'll show you why come with me. We're standing in front at this creek and residents here the mayor tell us that this creep that we're standing in front of it looks pretty low right now exactly like a rushing here. Wall of water they came through like a daily. And swept away the foundation of this American legion building so many other buildings like this happen destruction but this one. We'll now be condemned and we'll have to meet worn down this is one of the places where people here and it's congregate. And we know this is the third time in the last three weeks that residents here at had to deal with this kind of and then. Flooding really damaging floods. And we talked to the mayor tells us this is then an historic summer historic flooding banks alana. I've scary and awful to imagine that happening to your home. Especially like you said if the rain and the flooding is consistent so what are residents doing now in the aftermath. Well we know that those fifteen families where emergency evacuated several structures have been deemed unsafe there not many that have been condemned thankfully but again and if we walked around the corner here which were unable to get at the moment. Out we can show you several homes that are just covered in night so. A lot of the residents that were evacuated spent the night an emergency shelters. They also went to hotels and by the good graces of people in the community were able you. Billings at some people's homes and seek shelter we actually haven't influx been on the show you here while we're standing here. Of emergency crews worked very instructing. They're leaving this street. Can he dump truck this endemic time. Green I'm as we've been standing here preparing for that anything is my. Sadly you guys and it's kicking dust up the air there's still that engine diesel fuel front. The creek and from some of the homes that are leaking gas bill here in the area but back here question a lot of the residents here are banding together. That the mayor tells us that there are many volunteers for different organizations that have come into town trying to help. And it cleanup effort in trying to help some of the residents here salvage belongings that still remain there. And that under no one of the things that we often see after natural disaster of any kind is you do see people banding together and you really. I think see the best of people that it's heartening Ariel thank you so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Neighborhoods throughout the state are experiencing road closures, flash flooding","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57172074","title":"Major flooding across Pennsylvania","url":"/US/video/major-flooding-pennsylvania-57172074"}