Major storm to drench West Coast through the weekend

Southern California is experiencing 10 to 12 inches of rain, which could cause flash floods and mudslides.
3:27 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Major storm to drench West Coast through the weekend
Let's go across the country now to California ABC's Matt Gutman is tracking some wild weather out there. Matt. Hey Stephanie we are talking about record rain and almost in. Biblical proportions obviously that has created flash flooding. And regular flooding all across California and you know. We came here early this morning we are just down the way. We couldn't actually see what it happened here but we saw that the flash flooding gouged out ten feet over there I've said having here it's about fifteen feet evidence. Crossover. Hopefully not flown. And dodge were to give you sense of the scale here this was basically somebody's backyard that flash flooding took out this wall part of the housing you can see. The roof over an air cantilever precariously over still. And were we are right now. This was basically people's backyards a park cars here they had little gardens. And now it's this canyon with creek flowing through it now earlier and wouldn't have the camera spin around. Even as of late last night this whole thing was basically an enormous river about ten feet deep taking everything with it as a coerced. Through this community of Lake Elsinore. Which is under its sixth mandatory evacuation in just a couple of months but other places in California so. Hard hit we have those images out of Sausalito in marine county. That landslide taking out a couple of houses in Palm Springs there are these incredible images of what is normally a desert engulf in an ocean of white water. Cars disappearing. As they are just swept down river know what he was hurt in that car apparently the people had escaped but the car. Obvious he destroyed. And across that hilly and mountainous areas here in Southern California. What had been just small drainage ditches turned in TV's. Roaring waterfalls this what is gouging out. A massive hunk out of that road so. Dozens of communities affected here we are talking about record rain over a foot of it in Sonoma County mean that's like. Tropical. Types of ray that's the kind of thing that you see in the Gulf of Mexico. Not in what had big drought stricken California we are already at well over a 100% of the rain total. For an average year here in California which is very good news for people. And of course the drought concerns not so good. For people living in these communities and they have suffered especially places like this Lake Elsinore. Places that have been fire prone have suffered tremendously over the past several months or a year or more Lake Elsinore had that holy fire. In. A couple of months ago and this is its sixth mandatory evacuation as I've mentioned so. People been forced to leave first because of fire concerns and then because of rain and flooding and show officials now are really concerned about evacuation fatigue they're saying. That they have reports that only 25%. Of the residents here are actually evacuated when ordered to which means that. By staying they could possibly endanger themselves and of course first responders who are trying to get to them. But there's not that much the folks can do it costs money it takes time to evacuate each time their order to end. I think many folks here just say well we're just gonna wait and seat comes come what may and hope for the best because they just can't afford to leave yet again. Stephanie. Just in. Incredible images there thank you very much for that math.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Southern California is experiencing 10 to 12 inches of rain, which could cause flash floods and mudslides.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61105862","title":"Major storm to drench West Coast through the weekend","url":"/US/video/major-storm-drench-west-coast-weekend-61105862"}