Make a wish on these dandelions

A popup dandelion wish fulfillment exhibit is open in Los Angeles through May 12.
2:58 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for Make a wish on these dandelions
I'm romantic of that and then not use a vacation in Los Angeles Fred Danville lion exhibit as part of the art department and anonymous art collective. Now we push is on dandelion scanner you. Well on and immediately get all the petals off you just applying for situations troops we'll they've basically created an indoor. Gambling guard and I know my wish yeah. Nothing move. Well you know. Then you. I back. Yeah. Global. Your pain. Top 101000. Convent confidentiality if he gets fitted him you know of the tough question. Is my wish really. It's not. Can't tell you that but it sounds. Your wish is now being contact your wish is. A long shot. Right down I wish you abandoned north gave up on Los Angeles and is it having a patient on the mountain. This is the wish I am okay. A lot of dandelion. Green and orange. China. Wow wouldn't. It's. And taking mountains of wishes. It. What kind of that's probably name global it. For entrance. The necessity magical. Experience. That isn't dance alliance if you're in Los Angeles look it up for. How could I have here wish fulfilled I'm Runyan who that they are watching eighty. Lives.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"A popup dandelion wish fulfillment exhibit is open in Los Angeles through May 12.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62951317","title":"Make a wish on these dandelions","url":"/US/video/make-dandelions-62951317"}