Malaysia Air Mystery: Differing Accounts for Flight 370's Last Location

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search widens to Indian Ocean.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Malaysia Air Mystery: Differing Accounts for Flight 370's Last Location
This is a special group. I'm Dan tougher New York with a CBC news digital special report confusion and chaos six days after it vanished authorities are still not any closer. To figuring out what really happened to Malaysia air flight 37 frantic search efforts are expanding. And so is the search area ABC's Gloria Riviera joined that -- with the US navy has this report from the waters around Malaysia. After six days the search for missing Malaysia air flight 370 has revealed no new clues. Confusion over conflicting reports goes on. Including one suggesting the plane flew for over five hours after it vanished from radar and could have reached any number of countries. Malaysian officials strongly denied that. Those reports. In -- -- second false lead Chinese satellite imagery showing possible floating debris. Redeploy our ethics. But found nothing. The search area now covers more than 27000. Square nautical miles about the size of Indiana and spanning -- distance from Chicago to Atlanta. ABC news joined -- search and rescue mission over the straits of malaska in the opposite direction of the flight path. Where radar detected an unidentified hitting at 2:15 AM. When you're on -- witnesses and rescue team really get a sense for just how vast. This investigation is this particular mission is seventy square nautical miles that's just a fraction of what these teens -- The only -- still in June data transmitted at 107 AM on the way to Beijing. The plane's transponder signal at 1:21 AM and finally. The pilots sign off as the plane left Malaysian airspace Gloria Riviera ABC news -- them -- or Malaysia. ABC's Bob Woodruff is in call them -- and joining us now with the latest on those efforts spots new theories out there today the Wall Street Journal -- reporting. That the plane might have flown from more than four hours after its last transmission and now -- -- the US defense officials are -- ABC news that the plane could have reached the Indian Ocean. With that then somehow verify that initial reports. -- they were so strong that Malaysian officials so strongly deny all they said no there was no information like that coming in. Four hours at the plane disappeared which is what the the article said. They said the last word got at all -- plant in terms of -- eight analyst at 107 in the morning. So whether or not be you know. Someone's said. This data was being passed out or not we we don't need an -- we had to cut back away from that story. The Wall Street Journal had -- reported because there was absolutely strongly denied it. Also coming out US officials now -- that hijacking. Is a serious possibility what is it that we know what the transponder could have been shut off what do we know about that situation and that -- That's exactly it -- -- date that the plane takes off and then they have then they see them on radar and then there's the final discussion that they had where they. It with a pilot said. All right good night. Then asked the last they heard a bottom again so where did it go if it just suddenly blow which they don't think is likely to happen though there would be debris all over the place. In that spot where they lost contact. Or if they went on the but why would they call why did they stop communicating. Or the other -- not an explosion but may be somebody. Well could have been -- electrical failure. And it couldn't turn it off than everybody else the -- would find another way to communicate later. War. It is -- at least don't intentionally disconnected the communication by turning -- down or turning it off right when they're passing boat from. -- ball Malaysia into Vietnam. And then taking. Perhaps that's the way it seemed like they just lost the -- because they're old mother country to another Malaysian -- -- -- we're not really cut off because maybe another country. If it happened right then and that would be between what -- -- -- morals. This is such an astounding mystery I have to say again I don't think it ever seen anything quite like this before Palin is this Clinton. And -- lot of people asking the same questions what and a lot of the passengers on that plane. -- Chinese China a fact days later sent a series of -- satellite photos showing what might have been some sort of wreckage. In -- -- lot of questions of why would they wait in is it really is that the best view that that's available out there right. Maybe this is interesting to in this mr. presser today is the Malaysian officials again said that that was a mistake being being to do that but it. Apparently China doesn't really think that -- -- As far as we know. So so what was that that was the only thing that looked like there would be debris and everybody is excited and -- -- find something. And it turns out they said -- was mistakes woods another note that was mistake that's the story is still. It's hard to find anything. Means it's pretty amazing is that China China to feels like -- they made a mistake. Well given the fact there are so many countries that are involved in this is the Malaysian military still leading this search. Depends how you say the word -- -- May not certainly they are they're making the calls because this is their plane and -- it came from their country. The US is playing a bigger and bigger role in all of it until today they really -- a lot of credit to the yesterday. NTSB and also via the FAA -- the United States. But obviously this is getting China's movie and stronger because you know this is -- 154 Chinese -- on this plane. So they are by far -- pretty much more than half of the people who promised that at plants and taken a big role -- and sorely. And the US military of course is moving in as well -- -- yet to major ships and -- some other planes that we've got down here. So yes they're still technically the leaders in all of this but they're bringing -- twelve countries involved. Including the late mostly recent -- India. -- Well what about the credibility of the Malaysian authorities I mean I zipping question there are incompetence. To act potentially -- inability to deal with disasters or is that it. Question being raised about whether they're keeping information for themselves. Well that's -- -- address today these accusations are hiding things you know they're very strong and this presser said no we never lied about anything you know we're always telling the truth. There's a difference between lying and ID numbers incompetent. He said and and not there are some that think they just under played this whole problem. -- they didn't tackle many people about the plane was missing for a couple of hours. And now as it gets more to strange and they -- They're not ridiculous to not being treated well I'll put a lot of others think they're just not doing a good job it all on their mission forming in fact they I know a lot of the family members. -- and a big hotel -- -- -- today and they are so frustrated and anger anger about what the government is is doing. So this is a lot of irritation with the government there will -- I think we'll find out later what would the real cover ups -- -- but as of now it seems to be. Accusations and competency. Given the fact that it is an international effort that's going into this and growing as you say not to twelve countries India sending some ships there the US sending two ships. Another plane out there as well but what about the actual search effort itself where are they focusing. Where -- split pretty much a 5050 between east of Malaysia vs west of Malaysia you know I don't distorted it is. The -- flying -- from. Well for all the Beijing and the last they heard is that 1:30 in the morning at this summit next thing make here is this took a turn to -- left. Maybe maybe not the last remaining eight -- -- was hitting. It happened at 2:15 in the morning 45 minutes at the last communication it -- over in the west the west side of Malaysia. Districts and local -- So now this about 121000. -- nautical square miles on the west and 141000 are -- decides to -- 27000. Nautical miles when they're now searching. On mobile base but he had no idea really where to find -- -- is announcing an. It has been six long days of searching Vietnam -- us and it is scaling back its efforts in that. How long then do we expect officials from all these countries keep putting this intensity into the search. You know. It's a very good question it are that are being. All these countries and continue to participate eight -- beginning give up after top model -- so I think he may be getting more countries in -- -- -- -- -- This is this is moving at I don't think it people couldn't be able to take place. And and I think a lot of people think that their incompetency as you said earlier and that I think there's a lot of these countries -- -- we can become and we couldn't found -- -- while ago. So they want to do it. I know that nobody wants to be here -- -- a role that the US is stepping up that monitor. Toward well. ABC's Bob Woodruff and call them poor with the latest on the search for the Malaysian airlines flight Bob thank you for that. So right now on a -- BC's David currently in Washington I'm watching this investigation as well David there are nine minutes between the last communication. And when the plane goes missing what are some of the possibilities what could have happened in -- short period of time. There we really don't know -- what's interesting is that the Malaysians have told us that after the last transponder paying about 1:21 in the morning. The plane continued for nine minutes and they could still see on radar they don't tell us if it stayed on the same heading weathered and turned or moved or whatever. But in those nine minutes it's it's it's fascinating to somebody turn it off Bob -- was an electrical failure. Reserve rapid decompression. We really don't know it's the missing nine minutes and it just as to this. Mystery I would like to add one thing you asked Bob about the Wall Street Journal report. And it may be half wrong and half right we heard the Malaysians this morning say that Boeing and Rolls Royce -- -- that engine didn't report. But what did the report also say it was a plane continued flying so was or some other way some other days as some. Something else -- they're not telling us about that they were able to figure out that the plane may have continued flying now part. Could be true the only thing that the Malaysians and denied by quoting Boeing and Rolls Royce was at the engine was reporting. David if you can't sort of untangle some of that force because it does seem like we are getting some conflicting reports. The US confirming. That in -- the plane -- continued effort for hours but as you pointed out Malaysian officials deny that right away why is it that the -- the communications seem to be getting crossed well let's let it -- In what the Malaysians denied. Was that the engine the Rolls Royce engine reported -- continued flying -- believe they denied that the plane kept on flying so. You that this has been the problem with this from the beginning we have this vacuum in theories get pumped into it just to -- -- because we're so curious about. How could -- wide body jet just disappeared. So there's a lot of you information it's still not clear from a Malaysians. The Americans who have now seen all this data and reporting back and that's why you're certain to see the navy move in. And their briefings now happening here in Washington is that the Americans are starting to report back what they've learned but they're not don't they don't really want to broadcast it. Because it -- -- that the Malaysians are still the lead country here -- so. They're trying to play nice the Americans with the Malaysians. So that's part of the reason we're not getting. A clear picture with you one of -- -- in that picture though is that US officials are saying that a mid -- explosion. Is in fact unlikely why is there a level of confidence in a statement like that well I think. In the areas that they've searched already if it was a mid air explosion you would see a lot of debris on the ocean and native. They have searched a large area looked at a lot of places so. That could be the you know that maybe there was a mid air explosion. 245600. Miles offshore but in the areas they've searched they're not seen the kind of debris that you would see from a mid air explosion. And on that search effort the US is sending more ships correct including the destroyer the USS Kidd they're moving -- kids -- moving the kid you have the boxes up of the search areas. And if you can bring that back up the kid is gonna move up into -- the upper left corner. Of that search area it's right on the edge of the Indian Ocean the Malacca strait. And that's where the kid is gonna move to end that movement is based on the fact. They've gotten some information that potentially the plane continued flying and that. Ghost radar. Be paying whatever you want -- call that the Malaysians have talked about over there on the west side may indicate that the plane continued to fly. ABC's David -- in Washington David thank you for that we appreciate your time your insight and of course you can keep up with the story in real time. By downloading the ABC news -- and starring the -- for exclusive updates on ago. For now. I'm debt that's our New York with -- ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":22902584,"title":"Malaysia Air Mystery: Differing Accounts for Flight 370's Last Location","duration":"3:00","description":"Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search widens to Indian Ocean.","url":"/US/video/malaysia-air-mystery-differing-accounts-flight-370s-location-22902584","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}