Not Sole Offense for Two-Time Shoe Store Robber, Police Say

Christopher Miller is accused of robbing the same Stride Rite in New Jersey that he struck in 1999.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Not Sole Offense for Two-Time Shoe Store Robber, Police Say
And now staying in New Jersey in a bizarre story and talk about history repeating itself a man who served fifteen years behind bars for a while bigger -- store in New Jersey. Back behind bars tonight after just one day of freedom. Now that's because cops busted him for hitting the same shoe store. Again his name -- Chris Miller so. Why he allegedly repeat the same crime at the same store in Toms River are. -- your -- Toni Yates seven much more telling. Yes bill and lives strange indeed and that has seasoned cops asking why. Why would anyone take the chance like this. I just live and work and who didn't run and now -- Others drug -- that we've just been robbed after a short search police arrested forty year old Christopher Miller and quickly discovered -- when you that this suspect was when fighters -- fifteen years ago. Christopher Miller actually held up payless shoe store in our town. And within two weeks holed -- was strike rate the same man Miller spent fifteen years in prison for the first two robberies he was released march 21. Of this year. Takes a -- from Atlantic City directly to Tom's river the same -- was released. And -- -- holds up the exact -- -- -- That's kind of crazy inning jam and you come back an immediate and extent -- the same store I guess this plan worked out perfectly -- tried again. And in the weirdest thing weird but police are looking at a reason fifteen years ago the crime with more -- the clerk threatened with a knife. -- -- -- Putter in the back room put back overhead. This time it was different. He wanted in the going back room again almost what you -- -- the first time there was no weapon shown -- time. They refused. He did take their cell -- to take to -- phone -- -- couldn't call police. Police found a cell phones in trash -- right outside the store he stuffed the money about 400 dollars in a drain pipe about 100 yards away so what's going on. One theory police say a -- move the other that he simply wanted to go back to prison. That he did try to make it on his own you know for a day things -- working -- form and he came back to where he knew. And he went back to the same exact place again maybe he cannot make an arsenal so it they could -- -- story. Perhaps police say a sense of hopelessness -- is back behind bars on 100000 dollars bail. But now we're live in Toms River Tony it's channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":23069021,"title":"Not Sole Offense for Two-Time Shoe Store Robber, Police Say","duration":"3:00","description":"Christopher Miller is accused of robbing the same Stride Rite in New Jersey that he struck in 1999.","url":"/US/video/man-accused-robbing-shoe-store-23069021","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}