Man Left on Plane in Texas

Man falls asleep on flight making connection in Houston, wakes up in dark empty plane.
1:48 | 12/07/13

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Transcript for Man Left on Plane in Texas
-- -- -- His colorful Louisiana sequences. California. Layover in Texas. -- -- -- -- We'll go and did lights throughout times like this -- I thought maybe it was a layover still on the same plane. Wagner says he was left all alone on the united express -- flight last night says he was fast asleep in his scenes the back of the airplane. Don't we noticed he was still on board and local governments will hold its black -- the aircraft doors blocked shots. I called my girlfriend and she thought I was crazy -- She's as deadly a -- playing here she's apparently stopped heads up telling it to you but it -- a boy -- real display. -- says his girlfriend called United Airlines after more than half -- now -- workers came on board. -- stunned to find him as they'll put the blame on me. I see it added that -- -- -- And -- oh try to -- much -- to quietly it is still active. -- -- Eyewitness News saying quote. Expressjet is investigating to determine how this. This -- for the passenger and quotes airlines said there was a post flight walked through that was done but couldn't explain how they -- -- Oh what about a medical condition is of the you know more about -- -- -- I was dead. You know is shut the plainly somebody on -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":21138164,"title":"Man Left on Plane in Texas","duration":"1:48","description":"Man falls asleep on flight making connection in Houston, wakes up in dark empty plane.","url":"/US/video/man-left-plane-texas-21138164","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}