Man on the moon 50 years later: Moonwalk rehearsal

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin practice walking on the moon.
3:42 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Man on the moon 50 years later: Moonwalk rehearsal
The number. Eagle has landed more. All. Are. I'm David Curley at the Smithsonian air and space museum where we are marking fifty years since man landed and walked on the moon in a Lander just like this one. We're going to show you some of the actual ABC news coverage from fifty years ago during that eight day mission of this remarkable achievement. There was so much attention on the mission to the moon but NASA did allow occasionally reporters to come in and wants some of the training. Here we're gonna take a look at Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in their suits practicing what they were gonna do on the moon and some of and aeration and questions. Are from ABC news science editor jewels Bergman. For countless centuries man is wanted to reach out and touch the moon. Wondering what it was made what it really it is it's hard to believe that in just three months on July 20 of that all goes well. The first humans will be on the moon and actually touch that surface. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spacecraft commander in lunar module pilot on Apollo eleven the first humans ever to travel to another planet. Armstrong a cauldron here or hurts what they'll do on the moon. Each minute of a 21 yards and twenty minutes they'll be on the moon is precious paid for in billions of dollars and countless man ours. Man's first lunar space walk is limited to two r.'s and forty minutes for safety reasons. Spacecraft commander Armstrong will be the first man to step down the lunar bugs latter. On earth where they'd weigh nearly 300 pounds the frail ladder couldn't take their way. On the moon where though weigh 16 of what they do on earth about fifty pounds that will. As these outside. Armstrong will deploy a canister open at. And quickly scooped up soil and rock samples it's called the grabbed back example so we'll have something of anything goes wrong and they have to blast off and on RA. To rejoin the Apollo mother ship orbiting the moon. Aldrin will then join Armstrong go gather more rock samples collecting 36 pounds and all. Back on earth we'll see much of this live as it happens relay throw a miniature color TV camera. Build and deploy three scientific experiments a litter size monitor the radio back to earth volcanic activity on the moon. A laser reflected a pinpoint where they are. And a solar wind experiment to tell us what strained win the sun beams down on the vacuum that is the move. It'll be a busy to a map of ours. And it may be a very tricky time as well. Walking in 16 normal gravity isn't walking at all it's kinda like running across the slippery floor that's moving up and down as you run. You have to learn to walk all over again and even simple acts like getting up if you fall may be unbelievably difficult. I asked Neil Armstrong if they fell could he get up. And you drive full boat going down with the backpack. Really got a book. Oh I don't even. The problem in a how do we don't want to do it but we. Some of them look for thirty minutes to get up at your. And that's what this simulation is all about learning the perils and the pitfalls before Armstrong and Aldrin leap off in the space. To begin the greatest journey in the history of mankind. Three months away from lunar landing three months away from answering a puzzled millions of years old. This is jewels Bergman ABC at the manned spacecraft center Houston.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin practice walking on the moon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64251197","title":"Man on the moon 50 years later: Moonwalk rehearsal","url":"/US/video/man-moon-50-years-moonwalk-rehearsal-64251197"}