Man Posts Slain Wife's Photo on Facebook

Derek Medina, 31, apparently posted a picture of his wife's dead body before turning himself in.
1:24 | 08/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Posts Slain Wife's Photo on Facebook
A bizarre murder playing out on social media Miami man has been charged with killing his wife after posting a picture of her bloodied body on FaceBook. Dirt -- turned himself into police yesterday telling them that he shot his wife earlier picture of a woman slumped on the floor appear on -- FaceBook page. What would oppose say he's going to prison for killing her. He also claimed his wife was abusing him. That is a strange thing -- my gosh this is such an -- -- meteorite until like a totally new level. Yeah what they were friends -- -- responding to this saying they what's going on she's my friend is this true what did you do to her. And it took authorities five hours to take this page off of of FaceBook before. I guess before somebody reported and they realize what was going on -- that was serious and they went and and I mean. That's -- I think that would get smiley faces and likes because you think you must be kidding but he said he -- on the -- wife was punching in exactly the stand -- -- -- abuse so I did what I did. I hope you want to stand. -- OK number one nobody understands because yes your -- number -- her ten year old daughter was in the home when he did that she was unharmed thankfully but. She's in the house. Thirdly he apparently had posted a pictured the day before the week before. But they seem like an incredibly happy family and they were on the porch and the postal like -- in my -- celebrating tonight -- -- and see how this FaceBook post plays out in the trial. And how -- --

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{"id":19913601,"title":"Man Posts Slain Wife's Photo on Facebook","duration":"1:24","description":"Derek Medina, 31, apparently posted a picture of his wife's dead body before turning himself in.","url":"/US/video/man-posts-slain-wifes-photo-facebook-19913601","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}