Manhunt for murder suspect on the run in Tennessee

Tennessee authorities are desperate to a capture a double murder suspect who they say is on the run after a string of violent crimes.
2:18 | 10/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Manhunt for murder suspect on the run in Tennessee
We have an ongoing effort with multiple local state and federal agencies. On the ground in the air will talk about some of those specifics here in a moment. Better continuing to look for this fugitive. He was added to the top TBI top ten fugitive list last week and continues to be. Somebody that we are all looking for we want to encourage residents in this area in Montgomery County in Stewart county. To remain vigilant. We don't have any reason to believe he has left this area. So we continue our search efforts the terrain in this area provides very to be very challenging. There are a lot of really deep dense areas he is from this area so he knows this area fairly well we would imagine. And it's very difficult to access some of these areas I'm told some of those that vessels in breyer's are. Chest high so just even getting through these very dense areas has been very difficult. Mo money isn't it similar to see how it patrol parks look like media for being here today thank you. For your partnership and helping us keep this information prevalent in out there in the media and keeping your to your viewers aware of what is going home. To sell troll we are committed to locating and apprehending. This Herby Wallace individual. He is a very dangerous individual. We stress that if you do come in contact him justice Susan Allen from TB stated. Do not approach him yourself police. Seek shelter and Dow mama want immediately. Secure yourself first. You are powered route male. We want to take you and locate he'll. JC out throw we had numerous resources that are that are committed to the area. We have approximately fifty troopers here on the ground today that that DT troopers will not deviate we will maintain that number throughout the day throughout the evening and night time hours. We're breaks your present from numerous areas across the state from Jackson launch or as well as here in Nashville district. We have a rotating shift two helicopters. So we will keep the scouts taught keep pressure home Herby Wallace. Let it be known there's nowhere in this area that he's going to be able had room keep the pressure applied. And we will be will be steadfast in our duties to do so.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Tennessee authorities are desperate to a capture a double murder suspect who they say is on the run after a string of violent crimes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58232898","title":"Manhunt for murder suspect on the run in Tennessee","url":"/US/video/manhunt-murder-suspect-run-tennessee-58232898"}