March 14, 1980: An interview with Steven Stayner

Stayner was kidnapped in 1972.
4:17 | 01/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March 14, 1980: An interview with Steven Stayner
The 1972. Stephen standard disappeared on his way home from school and Mer said California he was seven years old. Two weeks ago he walked into a police station in your kayak California with a younger child who'd been kidnapped recently. Apparently Stephen have been kidnapped and told that he had been adopted. A Stephen have been calling his abductor dad for some time for seven years his parents Kay and Delbert standard never give up hope that he was alive and this morning. They have of these three members of the stay in her family joined us and they are joining us from San Francisco where it's still a middle of the night. By the way because there is a legal case pending there are details we cannot talk about Michael Hyder is there a turning. And he is well this this morning really to make sure that nothing is said that would influence. Of their cases good morning Stephen and mr. and a sustain her and Michael Leiter and I savvy all of us. I think Stephen. Sued some police and then your parents looted obviously just disappeared off the face of the map what happened that afternoon to you remember when you were walking home from school. Some I was watching home. From school and I was stopped. The man on the street just few bucks from. My house. And he and asked me for a learned to mere month but my mother learned to donate something to a church. Aaron. Ayatollah. My mother probably want to. And so they offered me ride home. The refused at first until and that. My house is just few blocks away. And he asked me several more times and left to rot had taken a right. And then. A car pulled out. And I got in. And did. They passer road. I was that I hadn't done. I had told them that. That was rude hasn't done it since it. Was this clay and see if you can say tonight referred. Not that not just. A little bit. What what did they tell you as the days went along why it. Why they were keeping you with them and what that they tell you about your family. Well. And first night they had said they called my parents senses are interested in nine. The second night they said that it Karla MacKinnon says they that I casino than it. Then. When I went to. I went out and came back to city he went to court. And gun possession of me. And says I was his. Don't you feel about that when you heard that. Moon roof and don't want a folk then it's a time. Is kind of a shock to me. Did you called him I'm I'd been told that you called him dad how long before you started calling him dead do you have any idea when that started. On those so about a week after. My deduction. What were your thoughts during the seven years about your parents to just think about them and if so what what went through your mind. Com it is setting no whirling through that I found my parents very often. Mr. standard did you have any doubts during those seven years that should see your Stephen. Again. Had lot of hope but to have two years ago. Those those two things that came out that icon I kind of lost who. The hole when they finish in. I was wrong. Cook if he. Powerful personal mrs. stain or did you share his. His hope for that period and then lose it at any point or what happened with your heart. And I never did lose my health that I would find Steve I didn't get in all the things that Dell did. I was. Oblivious to all that kind of stuff I just went merrily on my away believing that Stephen would be home one day.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Stayner was kidnapped in 1972.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60269400","title":"March 14, 1980: An interview with Steven Stayner","url":"/US/video/march-14-1980-interview-steven-stayner-60269400"}