March for Our Lives students unveil peace plan to end gun violence

Bria Smith and Tyah Roberts, explain their new campaign, "A Peace Plan for a Safer America."
3:50 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March for Our Lives students unveil peace plan to end gun violence
So many high school students in young graduates also stepping up on this front to keep the pressure going and joined by two of them now both. Members of the march for a lies movement both 2019. High school graduates college bound great to see you guys think so much. Brea Smith tear Roberts into our Wisconsin native and eight Florida native great to see you vote so you guys are part of this organization so many of us have heard about since the massacre Parkland high school. Over a year ago. Into Dieter launching a new campaign it's called a peace plan for C for America. What strikes me about it is it is so bold so ambitious it's a pretty big deal almost I wouldn't like liken it to the green new deal on climate this is sorted and that steel on guns tell us about it. Now we'll and with our peace plan where not only trying to push the needle. But change the narrative and the way that we talk about gun violence prevention. As is always mentioned you know we always talk about matching and that's that's what's always on our minds at the forefront of our minds but. Really that's not the majority of the gun violence is happening in America. Every day shootings and suicide spent the majority and so with the peace plan what we've tried to do. Is really bring an end or sectional approach to this conversation. And set audacious goals that politicians are going to have to step up and and take the initiative to work on if they want to be taken serious. So what's audacious when it comes to gun control was I mean when we haven't here. So we have universal background checks it is putting our our politicians accountable for a getting money from parents such as. Coming in and isn't a peace plan and having intersection he took my nation's Collison it is something that we can't do isn't pleasing odor of gulf and someone else. And with intersections I think it's important and we have the peace plan because now he's talks Alec. A mass shootings are suicides but also inner cities and how before we saw that the clip. Of these intercede people going through every day shootings but not having a platform to speak about it in the deplete pea Stanley like fun he's inner cities and fund organizations to give them something to go about you. Your really hoping that this is a blueprint for about a lot of the political candidates may heirs to seize upon different pieces out that we're also to mobilize. People your age will vote for the first time in a presidential election Tory Tory. Says one of them. The policy points you have automatic registry for voting when you turn eighteen because he's seen America we don't tell young people you have the vote to let you have the right to vote you have the -- to contribute to our society in both for our business our representatives who actually let you alert but let herbs and answer in the Q. And I think it's interesting things we want to. Have these young people and civic education and be apart of a boating Anderson our power to make a difference for electing people who actually represent. That's what keeps you going image are so many reasons to be discouraged. Or heard from some gun advocates today congressional advocates when they heard the president. Take a big step back seemingly on background checks. Seems that the food and familiar pattern we've been here so many times before but what sustains you guys were gives you guys energy from the gunman who wants us to be discouraged. The gun lobby profits off. Other people's an action and feeling like they can't mobilize for something that will save lives. And so what keeps me going every day is just knowing that I and truly taking down the evil in the society and the people who are not listening to the hundreds of thousands of people each year who are being shot and killed and having no justice. And one of the things we outlined in this plan is that if all of our policies are implemented we expect that over a ten year period the gun deaths won't decreased by 50%. Let's be a really big deal and we know you're going to be out they're pushing the hallway Tia Roberts Stanford bound great to see you thanks to come an embryo Smith Emerson. College bound thank you so much you both for coming in great to see you have you here in the briefing room.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"Bria Smith and Tyah Roberts, explain their new campaign, \"A Peace Plan for a Safer America.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65108949","title":"March for Our Lives students unveil peace plan to end gun violence","url":"/US/video/march-lives-students-unveil-peace-plan-end-gun-65108949"}