March on Washington: A Look Back

Aug. 28, 1963: Highlights of the speakers at the March on Washington.
2:49 | 08/26/16

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Transcript for March on Washington: A Look Back
No doubt. An objective observer watching. Going to deepen the king. Finally the remarkably came planet on the left in the civil rights. There's somebody here in the United States. I've been at the beginning and ending pop. United bag. One. Former platinum and yeah. I believe they cannot and not wait on elm home are faith and freedom and guard. Good human being. He enjoys with the knowledge of the human experience has no problem. And in. Did you relate. Good I'm happy I'm hoping. I don't. Good manager gaming sites laden under the name we'll be right back always at home. Because you see we Adam. Freedom belongs to anybody belongs to everybody and and until then Atlanta has freedom allowed admittedly. I speak to you as an American through. As Americans. We should add that we're following couldn't I don't know million. I'll be a good. About the shame and disgrace. Of inequality. And in just those. Which makes the mob parade on the grave is an American idea. Can find some amends. So you related like. Take part in a system of segregation. Was destroyed all I. His citizenship and they might have a very part of the negro citizens of the United States. Together and call him. Just did not all of it. One. You. If you imagine he. As the it's all about you. They cannot meet any Big Three. I.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Aug. 28, 1963: Highlights of the speakers at the March on Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41512351","title":"March on Washington: A Look Back","url":"/US/video/march-washington-back-41512351"}