Marijuana Laws: What You Need to Know

A review of dos and don'ts under Washington state's new law making marijuana possession legal.
1:53 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Marijuana Laws: What You Need to Know
We started out with an easy question can you who use marijuana out in the open like a cigarette now and somehow. OK then how about in your car -- -- back in a restaurant or bar. Unlikely you can't dragons -- -- -- Well they're all correct so far under the new law it is illegal to use marijuana in. Any public place you must be 21 to possess it and you can't grow -- anywhere but. About your job -- it's -- -- in the company you worked for fire you if you test positive for marijuana. I have no idea he fired now. The responses were mixed but the answer is yes if your company has a drug policy and marijuana is -- you can be fired or not even hired it all if you're applying. Which brings us to the last question is using buying in possessing recreational marijuana is now legal but. Selling it is -- then how do you get it you know we're we -- But in uncharted territory here in Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes who played a huge role passing initiative five is -- says there's no easy answer. Starting next December state officials will regulate farming distribution and selling marijuana in stores. Until then the only place to buy it for recreational purposes is from a drug dealer putting police in a possibly awkward position. Of letting buyers go butter resting their only suppliers. At least until next year and we will then be able to give clear direction to law enforcement that if it's not licensed by the state of Washington it's fair game. And then there's the question of federal grant money for a law enforcement Washington State Patrol tells me since they can no longer -- users. They don't know what's gonna happen the next time they apply for federal money because after all. Marijuana is illegal under federal law. The -- -- foreign news.

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{"id":17893004,"title":"Marijuana Laws: What You Need to Know","duration":"1:53","description":"A review of dos and don'ts under Washington state's new law making marijuana possession legal.","url":"/US/video/marijuana-laws-17893004","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}