Marine With PTSD Sues Harley-Davidson

Brett Smith claims California dealership took advantage of his condition when they sold him a motorcycle.
1:53 | 11/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marine With PTSD Sues Harley-Davidson
A camp -- -- marine deployed with special forces in Afghanistan. -- Smith -- play any of combat. Just before leaving the Marines and 2010 he began suffering daily panic attacks and nightmares and other issues it was eventually diagnosed with PD SD and a traumatic brain injury. This past April after five days of not sleeping he says he began hallucinating. And Howard. Have conversations. With my wife you know she wasn't there -- that who was unemployed says he's suddenly decided he had to buy a Harley and drilled to a dealership in Irvine. No I was sweating -- -- Wallace. Talking fast. I know I was jittery. Smith says the salesman asked that he was okay and gave him water for medication Smith says he told the salesman he had severe PD SD implanted immediately -- to Georgia with no motorcycle license after several hours and has signed a loan agreement for the nearly 171000. Dollar -- According to Smith after he signed on the dotted line this salesman then said riding the bike could possibly ease as PD ST symptoms Smith and drove off. -- -- -- -- The next today he saw the bike. I didn't know follows heaven a delusion I don't know if I was asleep and I was -- sit out. -- Smith was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility for ten days he's now suing the dealership to get the deal canceled. As attorney Darren Kelly and clay is a dealership took advantage of his condition in May be among the first ever cases involving PD ST and an allegedly unfair -- It's -- understand the concept assigning a name. Yes but did he understand big picture and the answer is clearly now some would say you simply have buyer's remorse that you're using PT SE. As an excuse how do you respond. If you don't know you're doing something. -- that's not buyer's remorse is definitely outrageous they just. Wanted that sale Michael jet parts.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Brett Smith claims California dealership took advantage of his condition when they sold him a motorcycle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20795931","title":"Marine With PTSD Sues Harley-Davidson","url":"/US/video/marine-ptsd-sues-harley-davidson-20795931"}