Mario Lopez under fire for comments on trans kids

Jen Grosshandler, founder of The GenderCool Project, discusses Mario Lopez's remarks on trans kids and talks about raising a transgender daughter.
4:24 | 08/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mario Lopez under fire for comments on trans kids
TV host Mario Lopez a facing backlash. For comments he made about transgender kids saying. It is dangerous for parents of kids as young as three years old to defendant simply label their kids. Transgender and sent kids don't know anything about sexuality at any age. So he was kind of completing the ideas of gender and sexuality and after coming under fire he later apologized and said his comments were ignorant. And heard full and that he would use this opportunity to better educate himself. But perhaps it's a teaching moment for everyone's I want to bring in gen. Growth handler was a mother of three Malays and one transgender daughter named Chad V and the founder of the gender cool campaign for young kids who proudly identify as transgender so. Janet very happy that you're with us today. Let's just start with Mario before we get into your campaign. As a mother jazzy music do you who's your transgender daughter you had a bit of a different understanding of what Mario meant. Yeah Kimberly thanks so much because this is a really important conversation and actually and awesome opportunity. For us to talk a little bit about to do truth. And the amazing things that are happening. Among hundreds of thousands of families. Each year in this country and millions around the world who are proudly raising children. Who identify as transgender so a couple things first about Mario so. You know. She we've seen in the past 24 hours and hours he's going through his own evolution writing and he seems earning. About the fact that she's learning how important. It is to surround all children. With love and support including those children who identify as transgender. So I am I want to thank you so much for bringing up. The day to areas that we need to Heidi keep talking a little bit let's quickly talk about. Gender identity and then quickly sexual orientations and gender identity. Is who are you far right in your hearts. And in your mind and it's your internal sends a cell. Sexual orientation. Is getting your check to. Right so when we talk about kids we're talking about gender identity. I'm so I can tell you are ice so John and I aren't the parents of four kids how we parent get like 22 years. In this on his journey and so when our young guest chassis was born and what you think about X chassis was born into a household with. Three older Brothers. And dad ID even her dog visible rides just really masculine household. And chat he was born in a boys finally eat. But in spite of the kind of this perfect place to raise boys well what we are expecting. Undies chocolate in the opposite direction. And she has he took seven years basically took us by an hands in for sending years. Really taught us from his early she could speak. As she could communicate who works she wise she is absolutely. Annette. Critically. Our daughter. And experience was so positive for us that. You know our family decided that it was important for us to get involved on a national level to help folks understand in a way that's comfortable. And cruel. Cruel these young people are and pass the rioting and yes. And I was just gonna ask you it ceased artist who started the campaign I was just gonna ask you quickly before we go. In terms of like if you could just tell people one thing. That they need to know about transgender kids because they're Salmons missed so many misconceptions. What would you say what would be like your one liner for that. That bet your beliefs to wait you're being raised what's important to them. I'm really Hussein those are just not so different than any other kicked. Yes and so in the name of your campaign just so people know gender cool and they can go to generic Labatt or correct. Absolutely thanks so much thank you so much we appreciate that everyone needs of the education so thanks for joining us today.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Jen Grosshandler, founder of The GenderCool Project, discusses Mario Lopez's remarks on trans kids and talks about raising a transgender daughter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64710643","title":"Mario Lopez under fire for comments on trans kids ","url":"/US/video/mario-lopez-fire-comments-trans-kids-64710643"}