MLK: 'We Have a Problem Here in Alabama'

Martin Luther King Jr., discusses the denial of voting rights and police brutality in the black community.
4:34 | 03/06/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MLK: 'We Have a Problem Here in Alabama'
Now we have a problem. About com. I'm did not say armed. You know the problem. Involvement pavement right here in the state of Alabama. Nick role. Remember page legislative. Through member congress. All about. Fell. That they have long been. And haven't been period during the reasons. Let me roll I have been the victim. The most but I. They have no authority of expression. Big denial. I don't. The right people. You're that is spelled wrong. More than 151100. People. Quote. The only reason I don't Bob. 300 employment. While about Courtney problem like the voting age appointment and I probably important. Obama jobs. Whether people about my whole life for. Battery model plane loaded road rolled over there will comment. Quote normal life three to walk back from the same going to regret is that the vote. That is a problem throughout the black belt. News older than not the right to vote. Him out on the back. There's been out of the right to vote. And denial of civil rights and I'll mail you. It is not so. You. Police. We would all but long night of the lead grew. We and our own. Those who have been involved of the we you know. But I'm allowed main goal of the flow. B. Dave you village. Feel. Vision sought to block all of it back. All of these designed to bad you through. Britain's to a level nobody. Now we. Mike Leavitt you know and all over the road that we will not picket and the long. Then Sloan do anything about it. Statements or even through the federal. They always find a way to get over. Strength though. I'm million without him he better have evaded the whole troops and south Vietnam. The news roles in Thelma. And our. Alternative but if you thought that help pay him the First Amendment privilege wouldn't. It down and out problems and who should we be used the word. Life of the people he submitted to us. After a petition the government for a redress. We've been. Not be integrated. About probably believe that about right. Alabama is that when. The First Amendment public Protestant who. Something written on hand picked up. Then took that action. We have a we have a great. If and imperative they could vote today. We must let the nation bowl we must let the world know. It is that it quote whose three people you. Problem mop up and not have the right over police brutality. We continue to faith based and it won't go too far left Sunday.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Martin Luther King Jr., discusses the denial of voting rights and police brutality in the black community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29443502","title":"MLK: 'We Have a Problem Here in Alabama'","url":"/US/video/martin-luther-king-jr-delivers-speech-selma-29443502"}