Marysville-Pilchuck High School Students Taken to Church After Deadly Shooting

ABC News' Neal Karlinsky describes the scene at the Washington church where parents are reuniting with students.
6:25 | 10/24/14

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Transcript for Marysville-Pilchuck High School Students Taken to Church After Deadly Shooting
I wanna go to ABC's Neal Karlinsky who is standing by. At the church sits nearby this school and Neil what's the latest that we have there at the situation. I'm standing in the midst pretty frantic and somewhat surreal seeing that church near the high school. This is where officials have been taking all dispute heats. Take loading up school buses taking them under reuniting with their parents here. And as you can imagine I mean this scene is a parking lot bill frantic and emotional parent church lining up to get here and and students. Looking for their parents and reuniting with some incredibly emotional obviously for everyone involved spoken to several kids who were inside. Several I'm still shaking his terrified describing being in a classroom hearing the shots. Hiding under tests. Locking the doors. I spoke to one student who says she knows the shooter or the alleged shooter. Who police say. What fueled Douglas so what did gunshot wound apparently inside and she described them. As a good kid as someone she was joking around with yesterday. But you had had some troubles in the past and had been suspended recently. Neil it has that been set up then as the reunification point because I know there have been a lot of confusion is there where parents are able to pick up their their students. Hard and I just cannot hear you. I admit I understand I know it's it's probably loud there how many students are at this particular area. Would you guess. But the parking lot is utterly still apparent from you have several hundred of them this is of very large school a couple of thousand optically more than when it up dirt kicked in this school. A lot of parents that bus going by me now with that chip in them they're trying to get people out of the way. The parents leaving immediately to picket picket they're obviously not sticking around here they're anxious to get well that you have that going out mixed into the crowd and decide Q. Two police officers with Chappell and baseball hat. A difficult site. To see here mingling. About with the parent the students paperwork Ursula shaken up and in many if not just be wondering are their friends OK I want architects and call each other of the battle. Getting tied up in the area. Many of these parents you know walk up knowing that there interrupt hey beat it beat it receipt call or tax. From them others not knowing people trying to find each other. But really more than anything this is an incredibly emotional seat. You have kids chew who really aired just don't know how to process what what they're going through right now and you have terrified parents. Trying to pick them up the roads throughout the area are blocked off here many people. Myself included who had to Parker good distance away and then walk. Just to get to this point. And this same time you have you know some parents suits we've gotten some some terrible as we have reports of at least four student shot truer in the hospital right now. Three reported in critical condition at this point. Into who police city. Art art dead including the gunman himself. And neo is it in this particular area then that this this church Thatcher at. And is that were all the students are being told to go were all the parents are being told to go to pick up their kids. Yes this is being designated this church has been as an area for parents to reunite with their kids be at school buses and pulling up loaded with kids taken a matter here to meet their parents. And the parents of course coming from from everywhere from or where they were. Two. To find their kids letting them walking you know walking past that's crying not wanting to stop and talk but just saying listen you know I got everything. Everything I want it everything I needed to so so thanks also so happy to be able to walk out of here their kids. Obviously not everyone and able to do that. Is he it understandably so are are there other school officials are there police there that are on hand that. Parents can go up and talked to or at least tried you know you find their kids find their student. If there are under our police officers here there are police who can help them. Tracked down cutie I haven't he met there is you know there's more police inside the church and their parents and their I have not been able actually get inside there. So perhaps they have a more organized. Lists going on their vote would would reap you know basically she's just a large crowded it's actually getting much much smaller out because it's. There you have parents taking their kids and then getting out of here you know getting them home. You know but that's all they want all the good hope forced to take their QB go home. Just and it just as parents are supposed to do after school day but not one that and early for something like that. We're rural we're looking at an aerial shot of the church that your at neo do any of the kids seem that they want to talk about this in this and that they want to express. Age eight express themselves in and in the grief and and the shock that they've been having or they mostly keeping to themselves. Other you know I've spoken to several of them earlier on camera on will Shari I'm unwell and I looked at the urine and they describe. Essentially being terror. And and describe you know being in our classrooms locking the doors I 300. And again the one girl spoke due to tell you that she knows the shooter and mentioned in Sharpton and years and just can't make any sense that are. On C a chaotic situation from that shooting that happened just not that long ago. At this school and Neal Anderson there's about 2500 students there. And to describe this community. This is a community about an hour north of Seattle. Fairly small community there is actually. Certainly large percentage of native Americans you're there's a large tribe to Leila. Indian tribe that is prominent in this area. From the school it is made up of kids too who live on the reservation or members active members of that tribe. But it you know it's a relatively small. The community that also has some some involvement in farming in the area as well. Obviously. Police there are still. At that 200 annum arsenal unit that we appreciate your time thank you ABC's Neal Karlinsky on the scene at that church there.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"ABC News' Neal Karlinsky describes the scene at the Washington church where parents are reuniting with students.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26437821","title":"Marysville-Pilchuck High School Students Taken to Church After Deadly Shooting","url":"/US/video/marysville-pilchuck-high-school-students-bused-church-deadly-26437821"}