Behind the mass exodus from Guatemala

ABC News' Marcus Moore travels to Guatemala, where he meets a mother who plans on making the trek north and a pastor who believes he is doing God’s work by helping people cross the border.
6:59 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Behind the mass exodus from Guatemala
We focus our lands now on the forces driving this surge of migrants in search of opportunity. Poverty violence and for some a new belief that the Biden White House may mean a clear path toward asylum. We also talked to one pull your fifth or higher a preacher who claims he's doing God's work. ABC news correspondent Marcus Moore is in a small village in southern what them I'm. All the way from the hustle and bustle of Guatemala's capital city. Small communities dot the mountainous terrain. Beatty is unequivocally beautiful majestic keep him but in the midst of the serene views people here are struggling to survive. There is extreme poverty when undergoing a hallmark gold. One is a single mother sharing this house with three of her kids and her parents about three hours from Guatemala City. It is not much but it's hurt little mansion she calls it. It's aggressive but I need and then we'll see New England young age your enemy combatant and Matt had been allowed in after. We've got better moved into the bin Laden if someone wanted to vote mean drew. I mean doesn't need. It's a little bit but that's that's the only reason for me. It's saddled would've been nice cool Tesla and that's going to be formally got a. The 35 year old shells to hammer and ceased to earn a living with a full day's work isn't nearly enough to support her fame. Local and eleven felony. I was in the not come from Nevada. I don't give a phony and those fish moon. It's unethical snowmobile than what kind of entity she met with thousands of cloverfield financially my people depend she hopes pistons the end the most pernicious. Being the only feeling lieutenant on the square in the wealthy movie and then they move he said he would have got I had. They'll defended not lack of confidence that comes got a metal container and then the F but I think about the death. Even though her earnings aren't sustainable she's gathering all she can to pay a smuggler to take her to the United States. But it is not an easy choice. The tears rolled down her cheek and review the weight of her decision right now she doesn't have the money to bring her kids on the risky jury will hear. She has no choice but to leave them behind. I was and I really centers doesn't really have ordered that kind. And in this that this thing. And then they'll principally Italy its permanent benefit of that is because. The funeral Saturday amid natural. This yet of whether that America has discussed thoroughly that the Obama listen in and then. It has the local news equals. Look I'll say hello. Glenn Lillie about a had to be available soon as that and you'll must they get local news. Imposes some. Of them you know it's simple as a man who makes. You got I'll tell you those season. From the players include Ronald Hamas or gotten out menial these vehicles is king. Cleaners and his son who is paying his. So emotionally if his son feminist. Only ten cents a minute. Political news don't look. It's being. Well look look look inside the united. Warm is determined to join the nearly one million Guatemala's already living in the United States. Her kids for now you'll be without her. So she could provide a better life for them. Guatemala is the fifth poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean. About sixty personal Guatemala's live in poverty most of them are indigenous. It also has the sixth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world and almost half of children under the age of five here are malnourished. And whoa what a Mala remains one of the most dangerous countries in the world according to the State Department. Even as poverty and lack of jobs that drive most of the people who seek to migrate to the United States. Journey started people like this man a coyote named Freddie since 2012 he says he's helped more than 4000 people cross into the US. And with the air of confidence he says he's not worried about getting caught. And on the local biomass solo felt but he that is. Who need a felony is Susan Neiman he can ask me how we'll get taken McCain on the command. And they don't have put a mile and they'll look and a the thought on the number of it. Mom was about subtle hand picked I feel. Okay yeah. Freddie is also a Christian pastor preaching to his followers he believes that by helping people cross the border. Who's doing God's work. Jose is one of his clients the 21 year old plans to give his motorcycle to his brother. It is mortgaging his property to help pay for the costly trip north next week. Historians the same as so many others we've met here he wants to Arnold livable wage force work to better provide for his family. Larry I got really good I'm we go to. And we do it up put it in no I don't allow. Nice that dollars and we've got sort of even there is seeing quit doesn't Soledad by and we let Adelaide to getting the best. If his journey to the United States goes as planned he'll end up crossing the river separating Guatemala and Mexico. The same location where we watched as dozens of people ferried over to the Northern Bank. And within ushered into a fleet of waiting taxicabs. All before being whisked away down a dusty road. Women and children. On the Guatemalan side. Loading onto the votes. Many of them would just one bag each. And they'll get onto these bolts and it didn't really does seem like that a system an organized system that is. Running like clockwork. A steady flow of men women and children many with nothing more than a single bag and a dream fueled by hope for safer and better life. It is something that's been occurring now for years we also saw we were in Mexico in 2018. Modeled on the highway here you'll see moments where migrants who literally blocking the highway hoping that a truck like this we'll stop and get him a ride yeah. Certainly did you think the good that the desperation. Freddie says the stream of people in Guatemala wanting to head north won't stop. Until economic conditions improve for everyone in the country. I wanna. Each day is bringing her closer to getting the money she needs to cross over to the US put it also means those precious few moments with her kids are dwindling. And right now it's clear they want nothing more than for her to remain rather sign actually kind of pork.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC News' Marcus Moore travels to Guatemala, where he meets a mother who plans on making the trek north and a pastor who believes he is doing God’s work by helping people cross the border.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76960420","title":"Behind the mass exodus from Guatemala","url":"/US/video/mass-exodus-guatemala-76960420"}