Massive wedding card to royals on display in Los Angeles

Public gathers to view and sign the massive card that is being sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London ahead of the royal wedding.
6:25 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Massive wedding card to royals on display in Los Angeles
It's royal wedding time here at the Chinese heater on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There isn't card and rescue scary and sneaking mark bulk it's as happily ever after. Britain's consulate Roddy here it's okay. And all the big heart. He started that signing it. Now this card is going to be on display always instilled a wedding and then the consulate said there and it could send it back. You make it Markel and Prince Harry. And they're hoping that they're going to read everything here on here as you know making Markell is from Lothian to us that if her home town. At. Why all of these people have come so far to find this hard. We can read it you that and king drive to leash and wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. That's one of them mayor can Bratt is friends and eat and Nagin and Harry. Making a habit that even if that feeling like gathered. That inflation is. Nanny many well wishes on here. And that's just. 30 PM Friday. Spanish English people from all over a hundred sign that part. And the people here from Indiana and they take much for joining ABC news thank you. Linking people and came all the way to Hollywood and you thought this part here today. He gets to the Hollywood and it will be an advertisement that's the critical. Fascinating. But they put our country's. Fascination with the royal wedding coming out many people are going to watch it. I've looked at their I think that's it's is just part of America's fascination is very sales. Friends of again. Anybody can be. Alignment defense that's adjusting. People learn to love the love me. Are you ready to. Yes that's absolutely but at. I'll hold it for you pretty big over here. Have immediately you're gonna write. I do something short and sweet. Again a lot of best wishes salvation and graduation. What did you write their lack. I love from Indiana. And you're and you just adding it not that much easier when it. Well think he was speaking let us all this came here I think I'm and the part now. Think you know. Okay. It's only a little bit they left over here. All at it any. Here toward the top. Fox News but here is well. Again. A lot. Dignitaries from all over the world IGT independent citing the car. Can't survey. Who's I want him here today he thought there. I'm hearing the announcement right now. What. Many Americans we can't think she's signing. American figure a guy. Inside the home how you think. Good guess again but yeah all this pain it's eater. Now they aren't going to be shown the world letting it eat and and expert on the I eighty just in signing the cards. I got it in your way right thank. You and great continent whose I'm from Michigan. I'm from Orange County. I think I'll I'll get right out of your way it. Again they are. Playing at the royal wedding here this weekend. Tickets online and that's what they were saying. It is this Saturday that median mark hall. They'll let difference here is. In other congrats and best wishes being kind of right now. If that moved her from Australia its new Chicago. Connecticut head. Oh. I ET going to be watching the letting this week at. You wanna what's that wedding whether it's I. A historical. A vent. In this coming home from many many years and means is the culture its games is amazing and Latin girl from New York. And for her to be expelled. Approved in that family is me. I'm really excited and solid nine. Regardless of allowing other than anything so not doesn't have any solace levs has love at heart and that's them us. I think you. Then again nary a habit that giant royal wedding cards here in front of the Chinese theater in the royal wedding when it will. You thanks. Seeing the couple. I'm living if things so much and lots and.

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{"id":55242735,"title":"Massive wedding card to royals on display in Los Angeles","duration":"6:25","description":"Public gathers to view and sign the massive card that is being sent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in London ahead of the royal wedding.","url":"/US/video/massive-wedding-card-royals-display-los-angeles-55242735","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}