Mature Burglary Suspect Caught on Spy Cam

Suspect robbed 3 New York City Apartments on July 4th. Made off with thousands of dollars in jewelry
5:30 | 07/09/15

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Transcript for Mature Burglary Suspect Caught on Spy Cam
Cool in combat older gentleman in a baseball hat and big glasses looks right at home here but. He doesn't belong in new York city police says he is a feat with a very expensive taste. Swiping tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry from apartment on Manhattan's. Upper east side. I Hernandez in New York hello everyone police say that have robbed three apartments all on July 4 let's bring an ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett. Why do we. I this story so interesting. And because you look at this guy he's older he's casually has on the baseball cap. He would sort of blend in probably in just about every neighborhood. In Manhattan. And so the idea of him being able to get into. Individual apartments. Clearly believes he has all the time in the world that no one's going to bother him. His very disconcerting. And net you know the question I have is how many other apartments as he's done the same thing that there is no surveillance video. Yet the interesting here we're talking about July 4. Big holiday weekend that's when this happened a lot of people are out of town but if I seem to note. It department to rob and where to find the jewels happening known all that as if someone with an inside knowledge. I see you would appeared that there are some inside knowledge I'm also very Anderson about how we physically got into the apartments. Another words to the get a hold of a master pass key that someone like him men. You know the idea that he was able to actually. Get into those rooms. And move around. Without anybody knowing that he's doing that. He is sort of a bit beyond belief because if you look at this from the steam point of. Of going into a building that's probably get a dormant so yet to get by that person. And they giving the each apartment. You know that's one of the areas if I were investigating this as they looking for. The brat. I don't mean to be age this year I think it's safe to say this spot this man could be a grandfather he appears to be its senior citizen is this not on usual. To be such an elderly culprit. Well it me. You know we have the stereotype that burglars are. You know these people who scale walls that are young athletic and typically is not the case and he burglary and many times this is to crime of opportunity. And based on his catalysts and movement in the surveillance video. It suggests to me he's done this is number of times before. So that is another place the police would look they look for the possibility. Who is out on probation or parole or is a known burglars and about fits this age group because with such clear video. I'm and be willing did that does this show willingness to seasoned detectives that were burglaries in Manhattan. May identify him. Another fact we got from one of the resident she said she didn't even know her apartment had been Bergen light he was that neat. As he went through her belongings is that unusual. That's not well. He did it in such an orderly fashion he's done before he's older he takes his time. And he he had suspicions planning planning meaning. He knew as you mentioned earlier time the Nolan was Tom that he really had a large window of time. I think it's like 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Too cheap to do this business basically. If he's not bear to really disrupt this house he looks for specific guidance he goes directly to the bedroom. And apparently looks for. Jewelry. Of some sort. You could see at a small back what you should suggest he's only looking for items that are high dollar value. But small. One last thing you know he seems to it. Touch all the right bases when it comes to what to look for what the unit the opportunity to to commit this crime however. Doesn't seem to be wearing enough of the to skies to. Protect him from those surveillance camera so that there obviously a pretty big mistake on his part. He I think he felt so comfortable tie. That he didn't think they had surveillance hammers. And maybe he's only guys didn't really thoroughly think through that that a building. Typical high rise in New York as you well know had some security to get into the building. That the idea that people that have cameras in their apartments may be in his. Worldview or or history of this kind of buildings it's not a normal thing to have so as a result. He didn't think about that and that's ultimately what's gonna getting caught. I'm sure the person who owned that camera in that apartment is really had they made the investment Brad Garrett. But thank you so much for being out with us an unusual case and usually get. That clear an image. A burglar in New York City you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starting this story for exclusive updates on the go untie Hernandez New York.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"Suspect robbed 3 New York City Apartments on July 4th. Made off with thousands of dollars in jewelry","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"32328361","title":"Mature Burglary Suspect Caught on Spy Cam","url":"/US/video/mature-burglary-suspect-caught-spy-cam-32328361"}