Maya Angelou on Making a Rapper Cry

The poet explains how words of advice to Tupac Shakur left him in tears.
1:27 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maya Angelou on Making a Rapper Cry
An outpouring of support online for poet and civil rights activist -- Angelou. The inspirational figure died today at the age of 86 -- -- home of Winston-Salem. North Carolina. Angelou was best known for who landmark -- and -- 1969. Autobiography. I know why the caged birds things. But her impact full and powerful conversations with celebrities and political figures are also being remembered and social media circles today. Including this video here she recalls making rapper to -- who are crying. He listened and into the big row with -- young man. And men and signed and sent to him. The -- speak to you. And he in this current same answer to permit limits and Pakistan he Lehman told -- -- -- to. Did you not people stood on -- collapse. With -- Bought and sold. Did you know so they took a stand back to -- And friend then he heard me and stopped. Talking and started to -- and that the mountains around it. Angelou is being hailed as a revolutionary poet and one of the first African American women able to publicly discuss her personal life. But most of all as the person who -- so many about the power of words.

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{"id":23904815,"title":"Maya Angelou on Making a Rapper Cry","duration":"1:27","description":"The poet explains how words of advice to Tupac Shakur left him in tears.","url":"/US/video/maya-angelou-making-rapper-cry-23904815","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}