McKayla Maroney's statement read in court

A statement written by Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney was read against the man who molested her when she was a young girl -- former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar.
10:09 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for McKayla Maroney's statement read in court
I'm going to be speaking from his Michaela Moroni. In December and have an opportunity to spend some time with her on air and Maroney. Antony. Michaela. And I hope that they are watching somewhere and again I and so privileged to speak on her behalf and glad they cast into Jesus and Aaron. Maroney is that ERI and yes Larry and as McCain yes. Scared I was telling and story and CK. A YL. Eight. And they are at a and EYEQ. You mean this is. Dear judge our Alina. Resigned as I can remember gymnastics was my life. As a child my mom said I need to put this child in gymnastics to tire her out. He could say I was in gymnastics since the age of eighteen months. I well I've always felt comfortable in a jam sort of my home away from home. I was seven years old. From my first competition. I remember getting ready for me I got my hair braided with a cool though insists sparkles. I got to Wear this really awesome Leo and wore a matching hormone. Mike was good I looked good and I was pretty certain that one day I'd be heading off to the Olympics. They wanted this is something that brings people hope they enjoy. It inspires people to fight for their dreams because anything is possible with hard work and dedication. I remember watching the 2004 Olympics. I was eight years old and I told myself that one day I would Wear that red white and blue leotard. And compete for my country. Shirt from the outside looking in it's remarkable and amazing story I did it. I got there. But not without a price. I need the United States national team at the age of fourteen. And began to compete throughout the world for my country. When I first met Larry NASCAR he was the doctor for our national team in our Olympic team. I was told to trust him that he would treat my injuries and make it possible for me to achieve my Olympic dreams. Doctor Nasser told me that I was receiving quote medically necessary treatment that he had been performing and patients for over thirty years and quote. As it turns out much to my demise. Doctor Nasr is not a doctor. He in fact wasn't forever shabby a child molester. A monster of a human being and story. He abused I trust he appears my body and he left scars and my psyche that may never go away. It all started when I was thirteen or fourteen years old at one of my first national team training camps. In Texas. And it didn't end until it left the sport. It seemed whenever and wherever this man could find a chance I was quote treated and it happened in London before nineteen that I won the gold medal. And it happened before I want my southern. With him in his hotel room getting eight quote treatment. I thought I was going to die that night. Because the national team training camps did not allow parents to be present. My mom and dad were unable to observe what Nasser was doing in this has imposed a terrible. An undeserved burden of guilt on my loving family. Larry Nasser deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison not only because of what he did to me my teammates and so many other little girls. He needs to be behind bars. So he will never prey upon another child. I urge you to impose an accident sentence upon him. Ever since I went public with my story I have been inspired. And uplifted. I don't live in support of my former teammates fans and many other good people. People should know that sexual abuse of children is not just happening in Hollywood. In the media are in the halls of congress. This is happening everywhere. Wherever there's a position power. There seems to be potential for abuse. I had a dream to go to the Olympics. In that things I had to endeavor to get there were unnecessary. And disgust you. I was deeply saddened by the stories of my fellow Olympic teammates that separate suffered as I did. At the hands of clearinghouse or. More than 250 women and girls had to say has take me to you. She Nasser sexual assaults and hundreds more were victimized to create pornographic images that fueled. His evil desires. A question that has been asked over and over. How could it Larry how could have very Nasser been allowed to assault so many women and girls for more than two decades. The answer to that question lies in the failure not one but three major institutions to stop him. Michigan State University. The United States gymnastics association and the United States Olympic Committee. When my story became public the US Olympic Committee said quote. Each doctor working with our athletes under gross background checks including an evaluation medical legend sure actions. Unfortunately this predator was not identified by any organization during that time in question quote. Reports today nation's leading newspapers and media outlets document credible claims that Michigan State University trainers and coaches received complaints about Nasser going back to the late 1990s. These complaints were ignored. Nasr is not even license to practice medicine in taxes. Yet he quote treated. I'm quote an abuse girls at the Karolyi ranch Olympic Training Center in Huntsville Texas. For more than fifteen years. In 2014. Essar was the subject of the Michigan State University investigation. Based on additional complaints of sexual misconduct. This botched investigation concluded that Napster's actions. Which she has now admitted were sexual assaults were legitimate medical treatments. He was allowed to go back to work at Michigan state university. In continue molesting girls. USA gymnastics in the US Olympic Committee were never informed of his investigation. When other Olympic and national teen athletes complained to USA gymnastics. About Larry NASCAR in 2015. He was allowed to retire. As the Olympic team doctor. In Michigan State was never informed other complaints made against him. He returned to Michigan state university in what an allegedly. Continue to molest young girls until he was finally arrested nearly a year later. A simple fact is that's. That Michigan State University. USA gymnastics. In the US Olympic Committee paid attention to any of the red flags and wearing pastor's behavior. I never would have met him. I never would have been treated by him. I never would have been abused by him. It is my hope that federal and state law enforcement agencies. While not close the book and the Nasser scandal. After he receives his just punishment. It is time to hold the leadership at Michigan State University. United States gymnastics. In the United States Olympic Committee powerball for a rallying. And in some cases enabling his parents. Our silence has given the rotten people power for too long. And it is time to take our power back. Thank you. China Kayla Maroney. Mean you think you Mikhail I think it's just taken your power back along with your sister survivors. Your voice for change and accountability. This. Being hurt. And also. I'm hopeful that her words have not fallen on deaf ears with the Olympic Committee. She brings home medals the United States. They need to listen to her. She was abused. And I'm hoping that what. They do. Because they're statement. Falls short I think that's why she included it here's I can't ask her but. Her statement. Really so. To me anyway. That the Olympic Committee. Should having looted that we will change our procedures. Look deeper. And include allowing parents. I was now where parents were not allowed to be there. Nice you earned. My that is. I don't know how that helps the Olympics and clearly it is now heard them. So her voice echoes loudly and they have all. Sports. From the victims here. It resonates as part.

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{"duration":"10:09","description":"A statement written by Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney was read against the man who molested her when she was a young girl -- former Olympic doctor Larry Nassar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52434869","title":"McKayla Maroney's statement read in court","url":"/US/video/mckayla-maroneys-statement-read-court-52434869"}