Medical expert: The J&J vaccine 'pause' is a 'concern'

White House Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, breaks down what led the FDA and CDC to issue a pause and how long the world will have to wait before it’s lifted.
7:27 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for Medical expert: The J&J vaccine 'pause' is a 'concern'
Joining us now is president Biden's chief medical advisor and director of the national institute of advanced infectious diseases doctor Anthony founding doctor found cheat. Thank you so much for joining us. In this cause of Johnson & Johnson is certainly significant step backwards for vaccine that was advertises an effective one time shot. Help us understand what caused the FDA and CDC to issue this pause recommendation. Well what they had noticed in there observation. Of the potential many adverse events that there was six instances of men in women. A serious adverse events. I think the important thing to emphasize is that it is very ran there was six. Women. Out of the six point 85 million. Vaccinations. Of the J&J in which means that it's less. Then no one in a million however because. Of a feeling of wanting to be an abundance of caution. The CDC and the FDA decided to call eight clause. T take a look at this examine it more carefully. And trying to see if they can get some greater insight into what is going on as well as importantly. To alert physicians on the outside. Who may see additional individuals if there are additional individuals. Who may come into the office with this syndrome. A thrombosis. With a low platelets which is referred to as homicide of Kenya because the natural thing to do. Would be to cheat those people with heparin. However heparin being an anti coagulant is not indicated. In these situations in fact it could make matters worse. And for people who recently got to Johnson & Johnson vaccine if they're nervous about this thrombosis or and or blood clots. But what should they be on the lookout for and what's the potential window for side effects. Well if this occurred between six and thirteen days following the administration. Of the vaccine so if women. Or anyone and I mean it happens to be six women but it's certainly conceivable. That man could get this but for the so that further its purpose of what's going on right now. It was six women but if people. Have gotten vaccinated several weeks ago it is extraordinarily. Unlikely. That it will involve them because it is really within that bracket of one to two weeks but if you had gotten vaccinated. With the J&J. In the past week or two severe headache is one of them. Another is neurological abnormalities like difficulty moving arms and legs people could even have seizures with this. They could happen chest discomfort. And difficulty breathing. Because they may have thrombosis and some of the pulmonary vessels abdominal pain is another thing that people with think about. And are the potential blood clot issues with the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine similar. And are you concerned that these more traditional vaccines could be leading to an immune response that causes of clots. Well the similarities. Between. The description of the adverse events get active and Cindy J&J which we've just discussed just now and that. With the AstraZeneca are very clear in the common denominator of the two is that they both use. And had no virus vector. To deliver the gene in the expression of that Sheen. All of the corona virus protein so that is a clue that there may be a connection there. But that's what the CDC and the FDA are very carefully looking at right now. And as you say as we try and keep some perspective here six people out of seven million is extremely rare there's actually a greater chance and get struck by lightning. Is your chance at all that the CDC says while this is a risk that we're willing to accept and and they ultimately and the pots. It is certainly conceivable that's the reason why you called a pause. They're causing that are examining it and then we'll find out hopefully within a reasonable period of time. Whether they'll come back and say he continued because the benefit outweighs the risk. Or they might modify. The population who gets the vaccine depending upon what their determination it. And switching gears journalists take a look at Michigan cases are surging there the governor has been begging for more vaccines. And decide to ask should the US consider letting states like Michigan we're dealing with surges links in the time between the first and second shot. A real world study from the CDC found both of Pfizer meant Daryn and vaccines are 80% effective after just one dose. So why not potentially allows states to backs in eight more people with a dose is that they Arnie Katz. Yahoo! we've had many discussions about that and one of the things that is very unclear is the durability. I love the effect if you prolong it and don't give the second dose for a considerable period of time. The other thing is that if you look at the level on anybody response with a single dose and compare it to that two doses. It is dramatically. Higher and particularly when you're dealing with the variance. You've got to be concerned that you want to get the optimal response. So obviously has some merit in that. Determination. But all things considered. We fielded an opponent now would be to get people as well protected as you possibly can and to vaccinated is many people as you possibly can. We've had the opportunity to have you on the show several times this pastor and each time you've expressed some concern that not enough Americans may get the vaccine. Are you now worry that this might. Drive people who already might have been hesitant to decide not to get a shot at all. Well I mean obviously that's it that is a concern. However that's the reason why we're out there and being as open and transparent as we possibly can. And articulating what we just see had that the risk is really no animal. The other thing that's important. Is that there have been about a 120 million. People who have received at least one. Vaccine dose. Namely. I would say the arisen. About six point 85 that million. Is the J&J. So that means is about a 115. Million people who received either of them would Daryn for the finds it. And there has been no. Signal no red flag symbol. Of any serious adverse events I think people need to realize that. Because see if one. In less in more than a million. Is a very rare event for the JNJ eight. That means that the M our enemies of flies and more debt and are exceedingly safe. So people need to understand that and put it into perspective that although we always change adverse event seriously. In the big picture of things the vaccines are extremely safe. And we just have to keep telling people that can showing them the data that proves it not just telling them that look at the numbers. Well we appreciate your transparency in talking with us doctor Anthony vouching appreciate your insight. Thank you.

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{"duration":"7:27","description":"White House Chief Medical Adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, breaks down what led the FDA and CDC to issue a pause and how long the world will have to wait before it’s lifted.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77056287","title":"Medical expert: The J&J vaccine 'pause' is a 'concern'","url":"/US/video/medical-expert-jj-vaccine-pause-concern-77056287"}