Michael Dunn Testifies at 'Loud Music' Murder Trial

Florida man charged with fatally shooting a 17-year-old says he feared for his life before firing gun.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Michael Dunn Testifies at 'Loud Music' Murder Trial
Something against the dollar and its head. You yeah -- can kill you because I asked him are you talking about me he is just saying I should killed and another. And I asked him are you talking about me. And he slipped I didn't know it was at first but and he says yeah and kill you and American and -- and a barrel. He's he's shown me -- gun and he's threatening. And again he's definitely a few inches of that -- You know I'm asked to me for OK. -- what did you grab her car and did not. Did you and -- back in terms of -- outraged. No I -- I don't business. I was -- -- -- my life and I was probably stunned. Connect at that point. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ever -- -- -- -- or even said the work and I didn't threaten. Let alone threatened the fire. Not threaten death. And -- at this point. In terms your mental problems could you imagine it would vastly -- over Athens on the -- I was incredulous. At. Excuse me my friends what does it hurts my who couldn't believe -- -- here okay. And we're frozen and that's the I was okay and where was this where are your fiance -- -- -- storm. OK and from the back -- that SUV to you. Act calls for our. Yes. From you to -- fire that injured. For yes we were in line. So if somebody get fired a shot from that angle anybody coming out could be -- That's correct and that would include your fiance. Did you even have time to look back fitness -- coming out and did not. -- -- You don't put your weapon at this point you're sitting there. What happens now. Well. And didn't. I didn't react to this. I'm just like processing what's going on. And none this unknown man in the back seat in the -- passenger seat. Opens his door where he -- he cracked eighty just -- it. Open. You hear the door on change yes and son -- just -- -- -- -- at that point. Could you are that you're here your life when he said -- get it done. -- well you say he's gonna Athens county and after you open to the lower. Stimulant that means that you're dead it's -- is still sitting -- so -- Iowa City still fear for your. I think became even more fearful that line. At that point. What did you believe was about to happen he. -- diners can be killed. Did you even think he might be able to get a shop. Yes yes I did but I still didn't go -- nine. Time okay. Why is that why not -- for years. I couldn't tell -- Hoping that the situation was. -- yes -- I. I wasn't here for my life fail doesn't mean. I wasn't an appointment I was ready to Clinton's -- -- And -- you thinking about it and I really I was just like gone moment.

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{"id":22467526,"title":"Michael Dunn Testifies at 'Loud Music' Murder Trial","duration":"3:00","description":"Florida man charged with fatally shooting a 17-year-old says he feared for his life before firing gun.","url":"/US/video/michael-dunn-testifies-loud-music-murder-trial-22467526","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}