Michael tears through Georgia

Hundreds of thousands are without power in the Peach State following the massive storm.
3:12 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Michael tears through Georgia
I wanna get over to Georgia which was another hard hit area by the storm the president has just on an emergency declaration for the state. This is a strong storm to hit Georgia in more than 100 years. Steve though since Sami is in Macon Georgia with the latest on that and Steve it's quite a different scene now to what it was overnight. Hello Diane we are hearing. Hundreds upon hundreds of damage reports. And just to give you a sense of Howell massive than an area we're talking about. You know the storm came in through of course Florida Panhandle right before the Florida Georgia line. In Georgia the damn it starts at the Florida line that's words the most intense it continues north to where we are naked and then continues. Northeast of here. That's how bar across the dance cards across much of the state. We're hearing reports that hundreds of trees on top of roads trees on top homes. Well we're about to go and check out some tornado damage not far from here about thirty miles away it Roberta Georgia. We're also hearing. Tornado damage in the here in Georgia some of these small little towns that it hit really hard and and that's something that I think. People need to be aware that we're talking about here. Up until you get to Macon or Atlanta further north we are talking really small. Country towns. That fill all central and southern Georgia are rural communities lots of farmland. And it's going to be really difficult getting around today because so many roads are blocked with trees. And it's it's it's going to be a lot of people out trying to clear the roads and cleared the debris. There are also many people without power the last numbers that I looked at had more people without power in Georgia. Van in Florida because again we're talking about small rural communities. That are really going to be hard to get through today. Authorities are encouraging residents to stay off the road stay in their homes not to go out and looked. As they often do in storms like this because that's what slows the cleanup effort and the power restoration effort. What we are right now at. A hotel. That we can't doubt. During the storm and we were up all night. You know. They're experiencing the storm first hand where at a hotel where. Georgia power the power company here but had dozens. Upon dozens. That lead to problems that marked here. There are you on they loved me when the sun came up. And got on this highway and headed in both directions. Not to be dependant cleanup work to begin. Power restoration which is going to be the big effort today and they are warning people of course that they could be out of power. For a few days but I gotta tell you it was quite a sight to see all of these trucks take off. All at once and so today of course going to be cleanup for. Many many families who are in the storm zone and of course there are some thinly sourced are still experiencing it today as well. I'm Steve us Sami Diane back to you do you thank Stephanie a lot of cleanup work ahead.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Hundreds of thousands are without power in the Peach State following the massive storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58437703","title":"Michael tears through Georgia","url":"/US/video/michael-tears-georgia-58437703"}