Michigan AG Announces Charges Against 4 More Officials in Flint Water Crisis

Attorney General Bill Schuette details felony charges against emergency mangers and others involved with the water crisis.
5:12 | 12/20/16

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Transcript for Michigan AG Announces Charges Against 4 More Officials in Flint Water Crisis
And today were announcing charges that reach a higher level of responsibility. We are announcing charges against four individuals. Two former state appointed. Two former state appointed emergency managers. And two former employees. Of the city of Flint. Darnell early and Gerry Ambrose. Were state appointed emergency managers. For the city of Flint. Darnell early served as emergency manager from November of 2013. To January 2015. Gerry Ambrose served as financial manager and then as emergency manager. From January to April of 2015. Both early and Ambrose are charged with three felonies. First. False pretense is in conspiracy. Each caring twenty year prison terms. That are the quick facts. The city of Flint was under receivership. And could not could not issue bonds or borrow money and less there was a fire. Or a flood or calamity that's the language of the statute. Early in Ambrose engaged in a planned to execute an administrative consent order thinking that is that contract. Which permitted the borrowing of tens of millions of dollars. Possibly as much is 85 million dollars. In this money was supposed to clean up a so called. Environmental calamity trying to get an into the statute occurring in alignment sludge lagoon. Well the money did that go to clean up the lines sludge lagoon because it'd been substantially. Re mediated. Instead. The tens of millions of die dollars that they borrowed went towards building decayed of the day the care Gandhi water authority. But here's the catch. Tucked in this administrative consent order in its contract. Was there requirement to use. The requirement to use the Flint water treatment plant for drinking water. In other purchases for residents of Flint in businesses. This is in the public records. Read the end and administrative country who were in you know the rest of the story. The big switch. From the Detroit water system to the food and water system occurred on April 25 242014. Rashes poisoning the water fair lady is an anti corrosive a phosphate. And goes on in in. Early in Ambrose are also charged with misconduct in office a five year felony in willful neglect of duty and misdemeanor. Majority Johnson and Howard croft. Dirty Jensen and Howard cropped or former employees of the city of Flint. Both Johnson and croft participated in were part of this effort to borrow money. Under the pretense of cleaning up the line sludge lagoon. Both Johnson and crawl after charged with the crime of false pretenses and conspiracy. To commit false pretenses again. Both of these crimes. Both of these crimes arch winning year felonies. And just a word about this investigation. All too proud. And very evident. During the course of this investigation. Has been a fixation on finances in balance sheets. This fixation has cost lives. This fixation came at the expense. Of protecting the health and safety. Of Flint. It's all about numbers. Over people. Money. Over health. People ask me about Flint in the water in the justice system. All the time. My answer to them is this what I'm saying here today. Twelve people have died from legionnaires' disease. Twelve people. They cannot be swept under the rug. Young children and exposed to dangerously high lead levels. Imagine that. Hoping that we just go away. A pregnant woman. Very young infant. Human that we wouldn't wanna bay than that water. The tragedy that we know as the flood water crisis did not occur by accident. No. Flint was a casualty of arrogance. Disdain. In a failure of management. An absence of accountability. Shirking responsibility. We will proceed. We will proceed to deliver justice. And hold those accountable. Who broke the law. Period.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Attorney General Bill Schuette details felony charges against emergency mangers and others involved with the water crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44304469","title":"Michigan AG Announces Charges Against 4 More Officials in Flint Water Crisis","url":"/US/video/michigan-ag-announces-charges-officials-flint-water-crisis-44304469"}