Michigan UAW Fights Right-to-Work Legislation

United Auto Workers gather for civil disobedience training in preparation for protests.
1:34 | 12/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan UAW Fights Right-to-Work Legislation
-- talk about. -- -- -- stay back a room packed with members and activists planned their trip to Lansing Tuesday they spoke about organizing history in the rights of demonstrators. They say it will be a lawful gathering. Peaceful disobedience. A massive message against -- just pass right to work legislation. The governor intends to sign into law. Obviously. Not the people -- want this legislation -- the rich and the powerful. It's been funded by billionaires and the working people of this state -- -- take it anymore they say they're speaking out for all workers especially those who benefit from a union remaining unions make more money. And women nodding. And so. By virtue of the fact that a woman works an environment where there's a union even if she's not -- -- she's gonna have a better. Work situation and those -- -- this legislation. Isn't about anything except an attack on workers rights and -- people back -- -- what we fought for for generations Governor Snyder has said the legislation should be about the workers' choice. Whether that worker wants to pay union views. Bob king president of the UA WD. Degrees that's just -- example of twisting. Information. No worker in America under federal labor law can be forced sustain -- union and have to pay. Their fair share of the costs -- representation there and just like a citizen pays their fair shares snow removal look average removal of police and fire.

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{"id":17927908,"title":"Michigan UAW Fights Right-to-Work Legislation","duration":"1:34","description":"United Auto Workers gather for civil disobedience training in preparation for protests.","url":"/US/video/michigan-uaw-fights-work-legislation-17927908","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}