Midland, Texas Train Crash

NTSB board member Mark Rosekind offers updates into the investigation of this crash.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Midland, Texas Train Crash
Thank you everybody for coming -- mark -- kind of board member with the National Transportation Safety Board. We begin by extending. Her deepest condolences on behalf of all of the men and women. At the National Transportation Safety Board to all the families and friends who have lost somebody in the tragic accident. -- and also let folks know that we're sending out our thoughts for speedy recovery to those who have been injured. Mentioned earlier that the -- -- responded with a sixteen member go team. They came from Texas Colorado California -- Washington DC. The team is being read by mr. Robert setup -- -- ACC. -- -- the investigator in charge -- you'll -- is referred to him -- behind I think he's the senior investigator with twenty years of experience. -- is leading a team with the expertise in seven areas. And undergo after the slowly because that -- that you -- an update we're gonna go through each one of these categories can tell you what was done today as both information and each one of them. -- seven categories are really signals. -- railroad operations. Reporter's. Vehicle factors. Motor carrier operations human performance. And survival factors. I want to emphasize that the information I'm giving you is only from today. So it's extremely preliminary. But let me give you a sense of the activities that were conducted some information -- already been obtained and some of the plans of what -- -- going on tomorrow. So first for the railroad signals the signal system has already been downloaded. And so we have information. On -- division including the lights and arms. Or get a raise questions about where -- -- -- not we have the data to be able to determine that. We know that -- outside automatic -- was destroyed in the -- -- is not available for inspection beyond its destruction. That's that's coming to test of the signal system. This is critical because -- -- looking at fault codes timing and also the secretive nation between when the train approached. When the signals restarted and the gates. Obviously the timing of that religion is very important -- to understand. It railroad operations. Are investigators look at the rules and regulations requirements. Related to -- -- Specifically were to be looking at what the requirements are notifying the railroad and whether all the procedures permit -- that directly followed. By everyone. Reporter. There was a forward facing video recorder. On the -- Image reporter TIR. That was are the locomotive engines as -- event recorder so there -- -- locomotive engines three in the front. To those along the Union Pacific railroad it was awarded through the third went -- northern through reports other. The last locomotive engine with the the end. Of August -- considered real. That's relevant is -- 3 Union Pacific locomotive engines. We were able to download and obtain the video as well as the the event recorder. What it's relevant. It's because those recorders as we speak ill on the way to Washington DC for analysis and it has -- laboratory. -- -- -- -- provisional. Let's be breaking respect actually give -- pieces of information we now have from those bad reports. This part of the track at the semi mild -- our track speed. The locomotive with -- two miles per hour at the accident. Also. That it was an emergency braking prior to the collision. Clearly one of and that's the rest of it -- it started. And the strength of the breaking. Another -- we know if this quiet -- Which there is a restriction about music and another the one it would look Q -- -- that -- -- -- in the accident. Vehicle factors. We've been warming lasers and -- -- 3-D representation. -- being out of the truck as well. At the locomotive engine. Why that's relevant to speak about let's look at it if it determined the relationship between the -- from the locomotive engine in the truck. Also -- The Texas Department of Public Safety. Compliance inspection there. To do an inspection of the truck. I don't want finalized will be sent -- just -- RN TSB investigators will also be during an inspection. Because they don't even deeper into the mechanical -- understandable but -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- the driver. We're -- The department. Of me. Contact the drivers all of those on the truck as well any -- that -- you. -- have told -- The driver provided -- voluntary basis blood sample at the hospital. The character information we've we don't have results. And it doesn't get us look at the interior understand -- treating their inspections. And investigators are looking at. Both -- permit procedures etc. whether they were followed. By local city anyone else the carrier he organizes its -- through what with the place where they bothered by everybody. You wouldn't want it we'll be looking at the drivers publications. It's trading -- medical status at 72 -- review sleep work history. -- actors aren't but it will determine where people -- Received accurate. We will be looking. The rule of -- and rejection of the fatalities and injuries. That there -- not much progress reports about it that is obviously. These people were given and it looks very. I'm -- we're glad -- our mission could determine the probable cause. Which is -- not just what happened but why that why it's critical for -- to determine. Let's safety recommendations because you're so that does not happen again. We're going to be on -- and while it -- we will not determine a probable cause. We will not be -- -- analysis of the actual information that the and at this point. Our investigators do believe that -- will be -- For probably -- that didn't. So we're still -- -- users -- work it over to the prison. We will have updates for you as we go along with one -- for tomorrow. We don't know the exact location. I'm department suggested to other -- -- entities -- government -- Our -- on Twitter which twitter.com slash --

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{"id":17743572,"title":"Midland, Texas Train Crash","duration":"3:00","description":"NTSB board member Mark Rosekind offers updates into the investigation of this crash.","url":"/US/video/midland-texas-train-crash-17743572","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}