'Miracle on the Hudson' passengers reflect on emergency landing

Clay Presley, Vallie Collins and Eric Stevenson discuss the incident 10 years later.
3:12 | 01/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Miracle on the Hudson' passengers reflect on emergency landing
In the name is clay Presley I was seated in fifteen. My name is Sally Collins and and the CD in two when he six. Eric Stephenson I was sitting in seat twelve half. First memory and take out scary standard it is very normal it was uneventful to start with probably about a -- had fifteen minutes after takeoff coherent theory Lal. Loud boom and which I felt was a moment first I saw kind of a brown cloud. Just run through past the airplane. And the plane's job not a lot just a little. Give please you to shatter Alex Massie eight. Welcome back we were all sort of look at each other and and talking about what was back. So I think we just had occurred. And that the engines are designed for that so it will be okay somebody affronts that I think the engines on fire and everybody again here this is the captain. Brace for impact. What did he say. Are you kidding me I was thinking wow this is really the last few seconds of my life it was actually feeling beyond. Earth very scary. Children learn for six and now. I just had gone since. I'm not from the mother of the he's gone from university we'll essentially you can never think about the materialistic things. And then head and a piece of calm come over me and I knew that anything was not going. You really come to two except the fact that this is not coming through. And I think you you come to the realization. That you're probably gonna die in this situation we then made impact. After we landed on the river and the plane took a sharp left turn. And it just sort of settled into the water it was hard kind of like hell water ski boat when it hits a wave just like them damn. We hit hard and then we settled then when I got in the Galley in the wireless and it was above. Max Ansa news despite needles. And I remember thinking oh lord Staten Island in the trial. When they open the emergency doors I think if there ever is such a thing as I have only light that was heavily like that came through those don't. And and then I realized today's not to do we die we're gonna survive and I got to them means and I stepped out onto the week. Into my land I concede first theory that a protein. Is in New York waterways Thomas Jefferson passed on that pitching has not I'm not dined at. Well of course the event changed my life and added 3650. Days in my life so. It is and I like this really helps to re prioritize. All the important things. I also was able to get my pilot's license. To help overcome. It's made me never take any day for Brandon I tell people we all know we're gonna. We never think it's Hannity today. So when you sit in my mind when you think he can beat. It makes you appreciate all the today that come after.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Clay Presley, Vallie Collins and Eric Stevenson discuss the incident 10 years later.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60397567","title":"'Miracle on the Hudson' passengers reflect on emergency landing","url":"/US/video/miracle-hudson-passengers-reflect-emergency-landing-60397567"}